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More Phony Baloney From Scott Israel


These signs are more phony baloney from the Scott Israel For Sheriff Campaign. The South Florida Tea Party is a figment of a “Republican” dirty trickster’s mind.

Scott J. Israel Has Such A Way With Words

Twitter is a wonderful thing. Today it gave us great insight into the mind of Democrat Sheriff wannabe Scott J. Israel (D-Duh). If Israel isn’t the lack of brains behind his Twitter account (@ScottIsrael2012) he should fire them ASAP, right? His Team Stacy Ritter team mates Stacy Ritter, Abby Freedman, Franklin Sands, Jared Moskowitz, John Arnold and Dr. Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal cannot be happy.


Team Stacy Ritter Rides Again!


More members of Team Stacy Ritter have endorsed Abby Freedman’s imploding Broward School Board campaign. Parkland Mayor Michael Udine, Coral Springs Mayor Roy Gold, and wee Jared Moskowitz have joined Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) on Amy Rose’s latest sinking ship.

Although she says Jared Moskowitz (D-Bubble Boy) only expressed “confidence” in her campaign. What’s the matter Jared? Daddy said to straddle the fence? Who’s left? Scott Israel? Franklin Sands? John Arnold? Dr Mark Gendal and his Fancy Pants?