Rise And Prove Them Wrong

They’re using the same old game plan. Glossy mailers touting endorsements fill your mailbox. Robocalls urge super voters to overlook corrupt deals and immunized testimony. Ads fill local papers catering to diverse communities as if the politician actually cares about that diverse community. They are trying to fool us all over again. They think you’re […]

Ilene Lieberman Gets Booed, Exits Stage Left

http://youtu.be/OPq5rp2_pwI Heavens to Murgatroyd! Ilene Lieberman got booed before last night’s Broward Republican Executive Committee meeting and made a hasty retreat out a side door. Lieberman (D-Mango) made her exit stage left following the thunderous applause for her opponent, Katherine “Katie” McHugh. http://youtu.be/Q3-a4qWCtIg

Law Firm’s Fundraiser For Ilene Lieberman To Be A Musical Extravaganza?!?

Earlier this week, Local 10 WPLG reported the well-connected law Becker Poliakoff is hosting a fundraiser for Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango, Warrior Princess) to help fill her campaign coffers. Lieberman, a Broward County Commissioner, thinks Broward voters will make her a county judge. Here is the email from the Channel 10 report: After many years of […]