POLL THIS! Pick Your Favorite FLSEN Candidate

Last week, a Quinnipiac poll showed
Florida voters still undecided as to who has their support in the race to send Bill Nelson (D-Out Of Touch) into retirement.

Here’s your chance to have your voice heard.

5 thoughts on “POLL THIS! Pick Your Favorite FLSEN Candidate

  1. Josh

    George LeMieux (has a good record in his actual Senate votes) and Mike McCalister (refreshing outsider w military background) are the only ones who can beat Nelson


  2. Mark

    McCalister seems to be gaining ground. I guess Hasner’s attempt at fooling people into believing he is a conservative didn’t stick. Now he’s telling people in Polk County that Democrats are more conservative than Republicans in Palm Beach and Broward???


  3. Michael Angelo Gordon

    Hasner was trying to be dubed as being the teaparty guy by freedom works good job on the tea party not being that stuped.


  4. Shavager

    My vote goes to McCalister right now, I’d encourage everyone to support the Republican candidate, I’ve been registered Democrat voter for over 30 years, Bill Nelson is a ZOMBIE VOTE for radical democRAT policies, he doesn’t care what the issue is-he’ll vote PARTY LINE OVER CITIZENS EVERY TIME!! NELSON MUST GO!!



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