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Message To President Obama On His Visit To South Florida


Dear Mr. President, contrary to what they say on the local news, we don’t care if you’re going to stop by the Miami Heat/New York Knicks game to catch “Lin-sanity”. We don’t care about how well you sang with the great B.B. King.

We care about the surging gas prices.

Gas is nearly $5/gallon near Miami International Airport. What is your plan? Most of us cannot afford to buy a Chevy Volt. We’re tired of hearing about Chinese demand, summer blends and price manipulation.

We need help. We’re smart. We can handle the truth.

George LeMieux Campaign Dubs Adam Hasner “The Phony Conservative”: “Talk is Cheap…Voting Records Matter”

The George LeMieux campaign, via its \”Phony Conservative\” website, attacks Adam Hasner’s voting record on social and economic issues. This comes after attacks from the Hasner campaign highlighting the “ethnicity” of Senator LeMieux’s name.