Adam Schiff Attacks Ron DeSantis On Behalf Of His “Friend” Charlie Crist

Adam Schiff

A fundraising pitch by California Congressman Adam Schiff is more proof Washington Democrats want to demonize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis ahead of the 2022 election. The controversial Schiff is despised in Republican circles so it’s no surprise former Republican Charlie Crist is using him to raise campaign funds for his race for Governor. Crist is battling Agricultural Secretary Nikki Fried (D-Backbencher) for the Democratic nomination.

Schiff says he watched DeSantis “stand side by side” next to President Donald Trump. While he claims to be a “friend” of Crist, Schiff seems unaware Charlie already served as the Governor of Florida. As a Republican.

Here’s the Adam Schiff email:

This is Rep. Adam Schiff,…. I have a lot to say. But first I have an important ask for you:

Will you make a contribution right now to help my friend Charlie Crist raise $15,000 before his end of the month deadline? Every dollar is critical to helping defeat Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

I’ve known Charlie for a long time. We’ve served together in Congress and worked together on critical legislation to help families across America. He and I worked side by side to pass the COVID-19 relief packages and legislation to protect voting rights. I know his character. I’ve seen his work ethic. And he would fight for Floridians in the Governor’s mansion just as he has for years in Congress.

On the flip side, I know a lot about Ron DeSantis, too. Not through working together – but by seeing him stand side by side with the most dangerous president in history. Seeing him grin while signing voter suppression bills in Florida. And by watching him jockey to use his platform to be the successor to Donald Trump in 2024.

Things haven’t gotten much better since DeSantis left the House to become Governor of Florida. He’s put more attention into building his profile and trying to disenfranchise voters in his state than trying to help the people of Florida recover from the worst pandemic any of us have ever endured.

It’s absolutely critical that we defeat DeSantis. And I believe my friend Charlie is the one to beat him next year. But knowing the modern-day Republican Party, they are going to do everything they can to keep DeSantis in office and tear down Charlie as he seeks to represent the people of Florida.

So right now, your contribution is critical. Charlie is ready to set the tone for the race and he needs your help to do it. Please make a donation to Charlie’s campaign today and help them hit their $15,000 goal.

Charlie Crist Running For Governor (AGAIN)

It’s official. Charlie Crist is running for Governor. Again. Yawn.

Here’s the release from the Crist campaign:

For generations, the state of Florida has served as a beacon for people seeking a fresh start in the land of paradise. That’s my family’s story too. My grandfather arrived from Cyprus in 1914 and worked hard so that my father could become a doctor and raise four kids in the Sunshine State. But these days, Florida no longer seems to be a place for all Floridians.

Every year, the middle class gets squeezed: by housing costs, utility bills, health care, student loans, stagnant wages, and more. People of color continue to be systemically locked out of opportunity. And during this pandemic, Black and Hispanic residents are more likely to get COVID-19, be hospitalized, be unemployed — and they’re less likely to receive the vaccine.

This isn’t by accident. The deck is stacked against the middle class, aided and abetted by Ron DeSantis and his Republican allies in Tallahassee. He’s failed to lead during the greatest health and economic crisis in our lifetime. And he sees our state’s wonderful diversity, its melting pot of culture and political views, as a threat, rather than a strength to be celebrated.

That’s why today, I am announcing that I am running for governor to make our great state a Florida for all Floridians.

Together, we can build a Florida for all Floridians. That means making it easier to vote, not harder. Respecting the rights of all Floridians, all the time: peaceful protesters, the LGBTQ community, and women who have the right to choose.

It means treating climate change like the existential threat that it is and safeguarding our communities from rising sea levels and stronger hurricanes. And it means investing in our future by supporting public schools, colleges, infrastructure, and small businesses.

But powerful special interests depend on DeSantis for their massive profits, and they’ll spend tens of millions of dollars to keep him in power. Defeating him and embarking on our ambitious agenda won’t be easy — but we can get it done by working together.

It’s past time for your voice — the people’s voice — to be heard in Tallahassee again. Piece by piece, brick by brick, we can build a Florida for all Floridians. But no one, including me, will be able to do it alone.

Commissioner Bruce Roberts Quits GOP During Fort Lauderdale Mayoral Race

“I’m a life-long Republican. Make no doubt about that.”–Bruce Roberts, February 2009

Shortly after throwing his hat into the race to be the next City Mayor, Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Bruce Roberts quit the Republican Party.  In his first commission race back in 2009, Roberts told the Sun -Sentinel, “I’m a life-long Republican. Make no doubt about that.” In October 2015, Bruce Roberts was a member of the “Broward County Campaign Leadership” team for Jeb Bush’s ill-fated Presidential Campaign. 

In March 2016, Bruce Roberts opened his campaign to replace the term-limited Mayor Jack Seiler. In an email response to REDBROWARD, Bruce Roberts admitted he left the Republican Party a few months later. “My NPA voter registration card was issued 7/15/16,” Roberts wrote. The Commissioner did not respond to questions about his reasons for leaving the party he has called home since October 1969.

So, why did Bruce Roberts abandon the Republican Party?

Did the rise of Donald Trump scare off the Bush-supporting Roberts? Doubtful. While many Bush supporters would never jump on the Trump bandwagon, they remained loyal Republicans. In fact, Roberts’ fellow Jeb Bush Broward campaign leaders did not leave the Republican Party. 

In the summer of 2016, nearly everyone in the world still believed Hillary Clinton would be the next President.  Did an opportunistic Roberts’ take a page from the Charlie Crist handbook by leaving the GOP in the hopes of currying favor with the future President Hillary Clinton?

Back in 2009, then-Governor Charlie Crist enraged Republicans by kissing up to President Barack Obama. In 2010, when Marco Rubio beat him in the U.S. Senate primary, Crist left the GOP. Like Roberts’, Crist became an NPA Voter. Two years later, Charlie Crist became an official member of the Democrat Party.

Roberts would not be the first Republican to switch parties in order to win a Broward election. One of Roberts’ closet advisers, Judy Stern, is no stranger to party-switching candidates.

But these candidates are rarely involved in high level party politics like Bruce Roberts. Surely the Jeb Bush campaign would be sensitive to Roberts’ needs to stay out of partisan politics, especially in South Florida. Still, Roberts was trumpeted as a member of Team Jeb.

While Republicans may be outnumbered in Fort Lauderdale, even Democrat voters tend to be more conservative when it comes to city elections. 

Is Roberts planning a left-wing turn to fight off Democrat challenger Charlotte Rodstrom? Will Republican voters abandon Bruce Roberts like he abandoned the Party? Will Bruce Roberts inherit the “flip-flopper” mantle from Charlie Crist? Will a new Republican candidate jump into the race?

Was Bruce Roberts even going to mention his party change?

Fort Lauderdale voters will have their say in February 2018.