Charlie Crist Draws Small Crowd At Broward Dem “Souls To The Polls” Rally In Fort Lauderdale

It was a very “late arriving” crowd for Charlie Crist at the Broward Democrats “Souls To The Polls” event in Fort Lauderdale. Instead of joining Democrat officials for the traditional march down Sistrunk Boulevard to the African American Research Library, Crist joined a stage full of NAACP officials who gathered before the march. Surprisingly, Crist spoke without a fan.

The parking lot contained many campaign volunteers but very few actual voters.

Officials who actually marched in the Souls To The Polls were Broward Property Appraiser Marty Kiar, Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Congresswoman Sheila Cherfilus McCormick. Heck, even Republican Congressional candidate Joe Budd marched to the library.

Guess Charlie forgot his walking shoes.

3 thoughts on “Charlie Crist Draws Small Crowd At Broward Dem “Souls To The Polls” Rally In Fort Lauderdale

  1. Mark Napier

    Joe Budd was not the only one present for District 23.

    Mark Napier here. I also attended this road march as the 23rd District Congressional Independent Candidate. Yes, Christ surprised visit was more of a token gesture and there was only about 40 of us in the parade at best. I left as he took the stage. I figure someone who has changed parties like underwear and ran as an Independent in disguise is not worth listening to.

    Participants walked together in what was to be a non-partisan event, but preferential focus was indeed given to Democrat candidates. At the end one speaker did announce candidates running for various offices and those not included were encouaged to speak out. So hats off to organizers for at least trying to be inclusive.

    Incidentally, Jared Moskowitz–Democrat candidate for District 23 and his followers were no where to be seen which speaks volumes on how he feels about representing the low income, impoverished and homeless, let alone the Black community.


    1. Mark Napier

      Forgot to make note, in fairness there were about 10 additional photographers and video personnel present in the parade. WSVN Channel 7 nearly made news when he nearly fell over a traffic cone under I-95.

      Yes, once at the final destination there were more volunteers and a Bar-B-Que going on, but the crowd was not there for Christ. Also, if this event was to be non-partisan, then the Church should not have been sponsoring the Democrat leadership to pafticipate only to speak. Opportunities should have been extended to others like Republican and Independents.



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