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Don't be a Weiner

Brittany Wallman, Sun-Sentinel political reporter extraordinaire, just posted this on Facebook:

“At the graduation last night for South Broward High School, when Broward School Board Member Ann Murray was introduced, she got booed! — Britt”

Our children are listening. They know what’s going on.

Ann Murray, don’t be a Weiner, RESIGN NOW!

State to Oversee Broward School Board for Six Months


The Department Of Education will keep an inspector general in place at the School Board of Broward County for the next six months.

Eric Smith wants to have boots on the ground to keep an eye on the activities of the board.

“Smith wants the Inspector General to ‘monitor official meetings, agendas and activities of the Broward County School Board.’ The IG will also communicate with the District on “the need to establish anticipated completion dates for corrective actions.”

No wonder Ann Murray has been nervous. Bet the IG loved yesterday’s Daily Pulp story about Murray’s campaign consultant intimidating a School District whistleblower and Murray possibly targeting his postion as a cost-cutting measure.

Should be a fun six months…


Are Broward Teacher Pay Raises Sabotaged By Dirty Tricks?


Last week, Broward teachers held a rain-soaked protest in front of the Broward Teachers Union HQ. No, they weren’t there to demand real representation from BTU. They were there as part of the DEM/Union effort to demonize Gov Rick Scott and Tallahassee.

Perhaps they should have a sit down with BTU honcho Pat Santeramo. This week, talk of furloughs has begun at the School Board. Every year, just like clockwork, the School Board fixes the books by laying off teachers for the summer. The teachers are left hanging all summer, unsure if they will have a job when school starts. RED BROWARD has learned the School Board may have found a new way to meet budget shortfalls on the backs of teachers.

Several School District employees have told RED BROWARD of mysterious ways to withhold teacher pay raises. As a teacher gains more time in the district they reach new steps which allow for higher salaries. Some teachers find out they will not be getting raises because their paperwork has gone “missing”. All paperwork is maintained by the School District. Where is the missing paperwork?

Imagine how much money can be saved if raises are not paid out? Teachers are loathe to file complaints for fear of retaliation.

Isn’t this the main reason unions were formed? Why isn’t BTU mad as hell? Why isn’t former Florida Union boss and current School Board Member Maureen Dinnen mad as hell?

That’s right, silly citizen, they don’t care about you, schools, the kids, parents or teachers.

Where did all that money go?