Parkland Shooter Nikolas Cruz Indicted On 34 Counts

Nikolas Cruz has been indicted on 34 felony counts by a Broward Grand Jury. Cruz has been charged with 17 counts of premeditated first degree murder as well as 17 counts of attempted first degree murder. On February 14, 2017 Cruz killed seventeen students, teachers and administrators at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, […]

Broward Democrat Corruption Featured on JEOPARDY!

The Sun-Sentinel’s Broward Politics Blog reports Broward Democrat Corruption made big time television last night. The JEOPARDY! TV game show had a “Headlines” category where contestants had to name the city: “The Sun Sentinel was one of the questions on Jeopardy! tonight. It was the $2,000 Double Jeopardy question (most difficult). They gave headlines from […]

State to Oversee Broward School Board for Six Months

The Department Of Education will keep an inspector general in place at the School Board of Broward County for the next six months. Eric Smith wants to have boots on the ground to keep an eye on the activities of the board. “Smith wants the Inspector General to ‘monitor official meetings, agendas and activities of […]