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Juice Minus? Joel Herbst Resigns From Broward School Post


Joel Herbst, South Area Superintendent for the Broward County school district, has resigned. This comes as no surprise as Herbst was passed over in last year’s superintendent search. Not to worry, sources tell RED BROWARD Herbst will stay in the educational field. Herbst also sells a vitamin supplement in his spare time.

One question remains, did Herbst ever talk about the secret money fund at South Plantation. Reports claim the fund existed during Herbst’s tenure as South Plantation High School principal.

“Basile, who has been at the school about four years, told district officials he didn’t realize the account was in violation of district and state policies. Herbst said it was used for ‘the welfare of the school’ and in keeping with the philanthropic mission of the PTO.” read more at the Sun-Sentinel

His information would be helpful to investigators trying to determine what the heck was going on over there. Godspeed Joel!

Jim is glad he's outta there!

Bob Norman is teasing his report set to air tonight on WPLG/MIAMI LOCAL 10 News:

Here’s what a Broward County School Board member said during an ethics workshop in January when new rules were proposed regarding elected officials’ relatives.”I got lots of relatives, so I don’t know what they’re all doing all the time,” the board member said. “So, you know, they could be having businesses all over the state.”Well it turns out that board member does indeed have two relatives — a nephew and great niece — involved in school board business. One of them even gave the board member/aunt a $500 campaign contribution.Is it believable that this board member really didn’t know her relatives were getting board business?You be the judge. The piece is airing tonight on Local 10 at 11 o’clock.