Black Elected Officials Accuse Broward School Chair Nora Rupert Of Using Parkland Tragedy To Attack Fellow School Board Members

Congressman Alcee Hastings and Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness claim Broward School Board Chair Nora Rupert is using the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School tragedy to attack her fellow School Board members. A May 17, 2018 letter to Rupert from the Broward Black Elected Officials, Inc., signed by Hastings and Holness, reiterated the group’s strong […]

Bernie Schultz Campaign Video Does Not Mention Her Role In BTU Crime

Gotta love Bernie Schultz. She didn’t have the class to step down after admitting her guilt in Pat Santeramo’s campaign funding scheme. Now she wants to be the next Broward Teachers Union president. Click for video

Nora Rupert & Pat Santeramo Never Cared For Runcie

Nora Rupert is all over the media bashing Superintendent Robert Runice over the school bus mess. Rupert was never a Runcie fan, but she had a great relationship with Former Broward Teachers Union President Pat Santeramo(D-Arrested). Remember our story from July: “Until today, many assumed most of the illegal BTU campaign contributions were directed to […]