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Broward School Super: Slush Fund Is “Issue Of Procedure Not Wrong Doing”?!?!?


So, Broward School District auditors uncover a secret slush fund at South Plantation high school. The fund contained at least 200,000 at any given time. The fund has existed since 2000.

Joel Herbst,current south area superintendent, oversaw this fund while performing his duties as South Plantation principal. Herbst has been mention as front runner for the superintendent position. (if Juice Plus allows it?)

The audit report states clubs and organizations paid money to school bookkeepers for services that should have been free.

So what does Donnie Carter, the interim school superintendent say?

The secret fund is ” an issue of procedure not wrong doing.”

What? Did we miss the further inquiry? Did Carter call in the guys from CSI: Miami? What is the basis for this remark?

Are they worried about opening a can of worms?

Where is the outrage? Where is the money?

Jim is glad he's outta there!

Bob Norman is teasing his report set to air tonight on WPLG/MIAMI LOCAL 10 News:

Here’s what a Broward County School Board member said during an ethics workshop in January when new rules were proposed regarding elected officials’ relatives.”I got lots of relatives, so I don’t know what they’re all doing all the time,” the board member said. “So, you know, they could be having businesses all over the state.”Well it turns out that board member does indeed have two relatives — a nephew and great niece — involved in school board business. One of them even gave the board member/aunt a $500 campaign contribution.Is it believable that this board member really didn’t know her relatives were getting board business?You be the judge. The piece is airing tonight on Local 10 at 11 o’clock.