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Plantation Councilwoman Wants To Force State To Teach Students About Critical Race Theory, Reparations and Queer Theory?

According to an item on tonight’s agenda, Plantation Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu wants Broward high students to learn about subjects Florida Governor Ron DeSantis calls “neo-Marxism.” Andreu’s resolution calls on the Florida Department of Education to “reverse its rejection of advanced placement courses covering African-American studies in state high schools.” Andreu wants Mayor Nick Sortal, her fellow Councilmembers and all Plantation residents to oppose the Department of Education’s “position that Advanced Placement (AP) courses covering African-American studies will indoctrinate students to a political agenda.”

In January, Governor DeSantis and Commissioner of Education Manny Diaz rejected the College Board’s planned curriculum for African-American AP classes. DeSantis objected to parts of the curriculum focusing on critical race theory, queerness studies and intersectionality. Commissioner Diaz said, “We proudly require the teaching of African American history. We do not accept woke indoctrination masquerading as education.”

Diaz provided examples of the curriculum that showcased the work of “avowed” Communists and Marxists.

A week later, the College Board removed the objectionable material from the African-American History AP course. The New York Times reported the College Boars “purged the names of many Black writers and scholars associated with Critical Race Theory, The Queer Experience and Black Feminism.”

The New York Times said the College Board “ushered out some politically fraught topics, like Black Lives Matter, from the former curriculum.”

Despite the about-face by the College Board, political opponents and media allies tried to use the AP course rejection to paint DeSantis as an opponent of the study of African-American history. At a Wednesday morning press conference, Governor DeSantis debunked this myth.

Under his watch, DeSantis said Florida expanded the scope of required teaching of African-American history. He said required courses cover colonial life to the Jim Crow era to modern day topics. According to the Governor’s office, “The Governor has signed legislation that ensures that Florida’s students learn about the 1920 Ocoee Election Day Riots in addition to requiring instruction on slavery, the Civil War, and Jim Crow laws.”

On Wednesday, DeSantis described portions of the AP curriculum removed by The College Board as “neo-Marxism.”

Does Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu want Broward Schools to teach students these neo-Marxism topics?

Why is Andreu even wasting Council meeting time on a moot point? The Department of Education prevailed when the College Board revised the curriculum last month. Plantation is powerless to direct Governor DeSantis, the Department of Education or The College Board on any matter?

Does Councilwoman Andreu have other reasons to criticize Governor Ron DeSantis and the Florida Department of Education?

Since January, Democrats and media allies have blasted DeSantis’ attempts to root out Diversity Equity and Inclusion (DEI) programs in Florida universities.

“I think people want to see true academics and they want to get rid of some of the political window dressing that seems to accompany all this,” DeSantis said at a news conference in Bradenton, adding that DEI and CRT programs would get “No funding, and that will wither on the vine.”

Since December 2019, Jennifer Andreu, a Democrat, has served as the Miami-Dade Schools Assistant Superintendent for Diversity and Equity. Before that, Andreu spent a year as Miami-Dade Schools Economic Equity and Diversity Compliance Officer.

REDBROWARD asked Ms. Andreu about her resolution. As of publication, she had not responded.

Plantation Councilwoman Jennifer Andreu

“MY D*CK IS HARD FOR THIS:” Plantation Councilman Nick Sortal Admits Making Inappropriate Sexual And Racist Remarks To City Employee

Nick Sortal comments on chances of a black mayor.

Plantation City Councilman Nick Sortal made highly inappropriate sexual and racist remarks by to a city employee sparking a Human Resources investigation, records show. REDBROWARD obtained a memorandum detailing the City’s investigation into Sortal’s remarks following a complaint filed by a high-level City of Plantation employee. While REDBROWARD knows the name of the employee, we are not naming her at this time.

The memorandum bears the signature of City Of Plantation Human Resources Director Denese Edsall, Ph. D.

According to the memorandum, the incident occurred last month when Nick Sortal filed paperwork to run for Mayor. Sortal, accompanied by his wife, told the employee about their “scuffle” with popular incumbent Mayor Lynn Stoner. Sortal said he exchanged words with Stoner regarding his decision to challenge her. Sortal said his wife, Robyn Sortal, also exchanged words with Mayor Stoner.

Then, Councilman Nick Sortal told the female employee, “My dick is hard for this!

Rhymes with “Nick”

Shocked by Sortal’s graphic comment, the female employee said he covered her face.

Sortal then asked her if anyone else filed paperwork to run for mayor. She told him yes.

Sortal asked if the person was black. The employee, a person of color, said no.

Sortal said, “Oh good, Plantation will never have a black mayor.

The female employee would later file a complaint with the City of Plantation Human Resources Department.


According to the memorandum obtained by REDBROWARD, City of Plantation officials met on May 23, 2022 to discuss the “protocol for handling the complaint” against Nick Sortal. Chief Administrative Officer Jason Nunemaker and Human Resources Director Denese Edsall conducted a telephone conference call with labor attorney Denise Heekin. City leaders wanted to determine the City’s responsibility and how to handle the matter.

According to the labor attorney, since Nick Sortal is an elected official, the City could not level any sanctions against him. She advised Nunemaker to speak with Sortal about the inappropriate nature of the comments and the fact that a complaint was made against him. Heekin said there was nothing else Plantation could legally do to Sortal.

Screenshot of City Of Plantation memorandum detailing Sortal HR complaint.


According to the memorandum, CAO Jason Nunemaker discussed the matter with Nick Sortal on May 24, 2022. The memo states, “Mr. Nunemaker spoke to Councilman Sortal who admitted to the comments.” Sortal said he, “did not realize they were taken as inappropriate as he has been speaking to [the employee] for four years and felt comfortable.” Sortal told Nunemaker he “would be more careful in the future.”

On May 25, 2022 another discussion was held with labor attorney Denise Heekin. She advised leaders to document the actions taken and to “document to a separate complaint file the actions taken.” Heekin advised leaders to discuss the actions with the female employee.

Later that day, a city official spoke with the female employee. The official told her that Nunemaker spoke with Sortal. Sortal promised to be more careful. The employee asked if she was required to deal with Sortal in the future. The City official said no.

The employee stated she understood what the City had done to address the matter. The City of Plantation official told her “If anything else happened she should let me know immediately.”

Last Friday, Councilman Nick Sortal sent a floral arrangement to the employee at her City Hall office.

Nick Sortal sent flowers to victim.

REDBROWARD contacted Nick Sortal for comment on this matter.

We wanted to know why Nick Sortal felt “comfortable” talking about the state of his penis with a woman not his wife.

We wanted to know if Nick Sortal regularly discusses the state of his penis with other City of Plantation employees.

We wanted to know why arguing with a female colleague made his penis “hard.”

We wanted to ask Nick Sortal why he asked about the race of potential opponents.

We wanted to ask Nick Sortal why he said “Oh Good” when told the opponent was not black.

We wanted Nick Sortal to tell us why there will never be a black mayor in Plantation.

We wanted to know why Nick Sortal sent flowers to an employee who filed an HR complaint against him?

Nick Sortal did not respond to our request for comment.

Nick Sortal has a history of unprofessional and inappropriate behavior at City Hall. And he wants to be the next Mayor of Plantation?

Stay tuned….