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Florida Senator Shevrin Jones on NAACP Travel Advisory

From the press office of Florida Senate Democrats:

MIAMI GARDENS — Today,Florida Senator Shevrin Jones (D-Miami Gardens) released the following statement regarding theNAACP’s issuance of a Florida travel advisory:

In Ron DeSantis’ Florida, Black Americans are absolutely less safe, so it is no wonder that the NAACP has issued this travel advisory, noting the state’s open hostility. Everyone ought to be able to visit and exist in our state, but that is no longer the case thanks to the attacks against Black and Brown communities from the governor and the legislature he controls.

It’s deeply distressing that DeSantis cares more about his campaign for president than he does delivering for people and actually doing the job he was elected to do. His dangerous agenda not only hurts people in our communities, but also harms our state’s economy, tourism, and local small businesses. When we have major employers pulling events and development out of the state in response to DeSantis’ embrace of right-wing authoritarianism, that hurts all of us.

Shevrin Jones

Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office Allowed Democrat Rally To Be Held Less Than Fifty Feet From Ballot Drop Box

Charlie Crist Attends Broward Rally Less Than 150 Feet From Ballot Drop Box

On Sunday, a Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office (SOE) employee left his post at the African-American Research Library in Fort Lauderdale to scold REDBROWARD. The gentleman, who was guarding the ballot drop off box in the parking lot, told this reporter that taking photographs were forbidden within 150 feet of the polling place. This employee was not concerned about a giant rally for Democrat candidates less than fifty feet from the ballot box.

A small parking lot approximately 45 feet from the ballot drop box was the setting for a partisan “Souls To The Polls” rally. A disc jokey played music from a large mobile stage (owned by Broward County government) emblazoned with the NAACP logo. Some workers for the Charlie Crist campaign sat under a red tent on the east end of the stage. On the west end, a large tent belonging to the Zeta Alpha Lambda fraternity was surrounded by large barbecue grills.

Less than a hour after a Broward SOE employee harassed REDBROWARD, Democrat gubernatorial candidates Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried were manning the barbecue grills.

Charlie Crist Stands Fifty Feet Away From Ballot Drop Box (Courtesy of The Sun-Sentinel)
Nikki Fried Works The Grill Less Than Fifty Feet From Ballot Drop Box

Other Democrat candidates posed for pictures with the gentlemen of Zeta Alpha Lambda.

As REDBROWARD reported yesterday, Broward SOE workers allowed DNC & Broward Democrat Party official Grace Carrington to pass out party endorsement cards less than 150 feet away from the Coral Springs early voting polling place. Now, Broward SOE employees clearly stood by as a small carnival was set up less than 50 feet from a ballot drop box.

Does ballot security mean anything to Broward Supervisor Of Elections Joe Scott?

Why are Broward SOE workers so angry when asked to enforce Florida elections laws?

What else is going on with Broward votes?