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Broward Democrats Hold Anti-Gun Rally In Sunrise

Broward Democrats Rally In Sunrise

Like most Broward Democrat events, their Saturday morning anti-gun rally in Sunrise featured more politicians and activists than average citizens. The partisan rhetoric was very heated at times, but a few brave elected Democrats did praise Florida Republicans for passing several measures after the Marjory Stoneman Douglas massacre. While the battle cry from most speakers focused on changes in Federal law, not a single Federal officeholder from Broward attended the rally.

Former Republican and NRA darling Charlie Crist also joined the politicians in Sunrise. The attendees included State Sen Shevrin Jones, State Sen Lauren Book, State Sen Rosalind Osgood, State Rep Christine Hunchofsky, State Rep Marie Woodson, State Rep Robin Bartleman, Broward County Commissioner Jared Moskowitz, Broward School Board Member Debra Hixon and Fort Lauderdale Commissioner Ben Sorensen.

State Senator Rosalind Osgood

Democrat Politicians Gather At Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office To Protest New Florida Voting Laws

Broward Democrat politicians gathered at the Broward Supervisor of Elections (SOE) office on Saturday to protest new Florida voting laws. The rally was part of a national Democrat campaign to garner support for Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s House Resolutions (HR 4 & HR 51) and Senator Chuck Schumer’s “For The People” agenda. The highly partisan campaign rally was hosted at the taxpayer-funded SOE office in Lauderhill.

REDBROWARD asked Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott if he invited any Republicans to the rally. “I didn’t invite anyone,” Scott said. “This isn’t my event.”

Yet, when he was introduced, Joe Scott said he was “so happy he was asked to host the event” at the SOE office. Who asked Joe Scott to host the event?

Scott accused Florida Governor Ron DeSantis of scheduling upcoming elections to hurt Democrats. After he spoke, Scott can be seen using SOE equipment to fix sound problems.

The good news: The Broward SOE office is now available to host partisan political events. The awning over the office’s front door provides the perfect shade for those hot and humid summer rallies!

Other speakers included Fl State Rep Bobby DuBose, Fl State Rep Robin Bartleman, Fl State Senator Shevrin Jones and Broward County Commissioner Beam Furr.

Democrat State Committeeman Ken Evans was in the crowd as was political consultant Barbara Miller.

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness arrived after the rally ended. Better luck next time Dale!

Broward Young Democrats Clueless About Its Local Candidate Endorsements

Clueless Broward Young Democrats

While they perfected a pro-Chinese message on the Fourth of July, the Broward Young Democrats (BYD) seem clueless about their endorsements of local candidates. As REDBROWARD earlier this week, the BYDs social media account delivered an anti-American message on Independence Day. When a lone young Broward Democrat objected to the “devisive” messages, several young Broward Democrats pounced with more virulent anti-American screeds.

Now, it appears the BYDs incompetence extends beyond American history, political science and economics. In a Facebook post touting the BYD Convention next week, the next generation of Broward Democrat leadership cannot even figure out which candidates are running for which seat!

Under “BYD Endorsed Candidates,” the group backs Jasmen Rogers-Shaw as its pick in the Florida House District 93 seat. Just one problem, Rogers-Shaw is not running in the District 93 race. Kinda Thompson Gonzalez is the Democrat sacrificial lamb running against Republican Chip LaMarca, the strong District 93 incumbent.

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw

Jasmen Rogers-Shaw, who recently revealed she contracted COVID-19, is running in the District 95 race. This district covers Lauderhill, Lauderdale Lakes and other parts of central Broward. Democrat Anika Omphroy is the current District 95 representative.

According to the graphic, the BYDs endorsed Shevrin Jones in the Florida House District 101 race.

Shevrin Jones

Just one problem. Shevrin Jones is NOT running in the District 101 race. Due to term limits, Jones is a heavy favorite to win a seat in the Florida Senate.

Joe Kimok wants to legalize drugs

When it comes to the Broward State Attorney race, the Broward Young Democrats cannot even make an endorsement. Instead the chose Harold Pryor, Joshua Rydell and uber-leftie Joe Kimok as their “Candidates of Distinction.”

How does the BYD back a challenger over an incumbent Democrat?

How do the BYDs not know it’s most popular elected official is running for a Senate seat?

Maybe they’re spending too much time researching Chinese ketchup?