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First Day Of Broward Early Voting Confirms Little Interest In Special Election To Replace Alcee Hastings, Even Worse In Palm Beach

The first day of early voting confirms residents in Broward and Palm Beach have little interest in the election to replace Alcee Hastings in the US Congress. The spending by numerous Democrat and Republican candidates seems to have little effect at the ballot box according to numbers just released by the Supervisor of Elections office. The official election day is November 2, 2021.

In Broward, Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott reports 12,411 mail in ballots received by his office. The number of Democrat mail in ballots is 10,933 while Republican voters returned 1,545 mail in ballots. Scott reports just 243 votes were cast Saturday at early voting locations across Broward.

The numbers were even worse in Palm Beach. Supervisor of Elections Wendy Sartory Link reports the receipt of just 7,177 mail in ballots. Democrats cast 5,541 votes while 1,541 Republicans returned mail in ballots.

A shocking 71 votes were cast at early voting in Palm Beach.

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Fort Lauderdale Mayor Wannabe Kenneth Cooper Not Following Election Laws Governing Campaign Contributions?

Two weeks ago, REDBROWARD shared video footage of Fort Lauderdale Mayor candidate Kenneth Cooper violating electioneering laws at the Coral Ridge Mall early voting location. Cooper, a seasoned Democrat candidate, approached voters at the entrance of the mall in violation of the 150 foot zone determined by Supervisor of Elections officials. A concerned resident confronted Cooper three times before returning with an elections office employee.

Cooper claimed ignorance. One day later, members of Cooper’s campaign mocking the rule in videos posted on Facebook.

Now, Kenneth Cooper appears to be violating another important part of the Florida elections rulebook.

Before accessing the main website, visitors to Kenneth Cooper’s online site are met with a screen asking for a campaign contribution. Visitors are asked how much they want to contribute, if they wish to make it an ongoing contribution and whether they wish to use a credit card, PayPal or Apple Pay.

Just one problem.

Florida law prohibits accepting and using campaign contributions this close to election day.

Appeals for campaign contributions were supposed to end October 29th at midnight. It’s spelled out on page 29 of the Florida candidate rule handbook.

As of October 31, Kenneth Cooper’s official website is asking for campaign money.

Why Is George Soros’ PAC Endorsing Coral Springs Commission Candidate Nancy Metayer?

Controversial billionaire George Soros is no stranger to funding far-left groups and candidates all over the world. Soros is a major player in U.S. politics with his funding of progressive and Democrat candidates. Over the last decade, Soros has funded lower level campaigns on local level such as Secretary of State races and district attorney races in big U.S. cities.

In August, REDBROWARD revealed George Soros’ Win Justice PAC backed Joe Kimok, a far-left Democrat running for Broward State Attorney. Kimok was beaten by Harold Pryor who faces off against Republican Gregg Rossman next week.

In September, REDBROWARD revealed George Soros sent close to $7 million dollars to a small corporation in Fort Lauderdale to help mold Broward County politics.

But even with all the money he sent to Broward, it appears George Soros finally dipped his toe into municipal politics with his backing of Nancy Metayer for Coral Springs City Commission.

Why does a far-left billionaire with the ear of global leaders care about Coral Springs politics?

Soros’ backing would explain why 90% of Nancy Metayer’s campaign contributions come from progressive sources outside of the City of Coral Springs.

This includes support of far-left politicians like Broward Mayor Dale Holness, Tamarac Commissioner Mike Gelin, Plantation Councilwoman Denise Horland and Hallandale Beach Vice Mayor Sabrina Javellana.

Earlier this week, Nancy Metayer refused to discuss her plans to “defund” the Coral Springs police budget.

George Soros is a key funded of the “defund the police” movement.

Could that be the reason?

Coral Springs voters deserve answers before Tuesday November 3rd.