AFL-CIO Presents Ilene Lieberman With A “Major Award”

Sources at the big AFL-CIO banquet at the Diplomat Resort say Ilene Lieberman’s “major award” bore this inscription: “FRAH-JEE-LAY”

Quiet Before The Storm

Early voting starts 11AM today at multiple locations across Broward. Here’s some early voting BRAINTEASERS to occupy your time while lined up to vote: 1. How many judicial candidates got immunity in exchange for their testimony in a “criminal situation”? 2. How many judicial candidates worked for jailed ponzi schemer Scott Rothstein? 3. How many […]

Judge Dread Judicial races don’t get much attention in Broward county. Some judges have been part of the problem instead of pushing solutions. This year things will be different. RED BROWARD will expand its coverage beyond the Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) race. So grab a salami sandwich and a coloring book, we’ll provide the popcorn. Judgment is […]