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Elberg Mike Gelin Asks Tamarac Residents For Money For His Birthday Gift

Elberg Mike Gelin (D-Shameless)

Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin is truly clueless when it comes to reading the pulse of his constituents. Last month, REDBROWARD revealed that Gelin co-hort Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Big Baby) wanted voters to give him $350 contributions on his birthday. Residents from across Broward contacted us to register their outrage over a politician asking for money on his birthday. So what does Elberg Mike Gelin do?

Gelin used social media to ask voters for contributions on his birthday.

Gelin offered a better deal to voters during these tough economic times. While Bolton asked for $350 to $1,000 from voters, Gelin asked for a mere $48 on his forty-eighth birthday.


Why not make a donation to a local charity? Or perform 48 hours of community service?

Guess this is the result when you take campaign advice from Marlon Bolton?

Gelin is running for Mayor against popular incumbent Michelle Gomez.

Clueless and shameless Elberg Mike Gelin.

“Dirty Work” Cartoon Mocks Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin’s Ignorance Of Business World

As first reported by Tamarac Talk, a cartoon posted on YouTube exposes the ignorance of Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin. The man who wants to be the chief executive of Tamarac is clueless about the role of executives in the political and business world. And this is the guy whose business is largely funded by taxpayer dollars via lucrative contracts with local municipalities.

Good grief.

Guess this is what happens when you get campaign advice from Marlon Bolton (D-Big Baby)?

Shameless: Big Baby Marlon Bolton Asks Tamarac Residents For “Gifts” On His Birthday

Big Baby Marlon Bolton

Shameless is the family friendly word to describe Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton asking residents for “gifts” on his birthday. Of course, these “gifts” cannot be turkey dinners, subscriptions to the Tamarac Post or even supermarket gift cards. Birthday “gifts” for Marlon Bolton need to be cold, hard cash (credit cards also accepted).

In a self-serving (de rigueur) Facebook post, Marlon Bolton wishes himself a happy birthday. He wrote “click here to send your gifts.” Bolton includes a link to make a contribution to his 2024 re-election campaign.

Once redirected to an Andeot page for the Bolton campaign, readers are asked to make a campaign contribution between $5 and $1000. There is a special $370 contribution for a “37th birthday gift.” The campaign declares the $1000 contribution is the “most popular and most impactful.” No doubt!

Will Bolton claim the post is just a joke?

That would be cowardly and shameless.

Tamarac residents deserve better, right?

Big Baby Marlon Bolton
Big Baby Marlon Bolton