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Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez, Two New Commissioners Sworn Into Office

Mayor Michelle Gomez took the oath of office Tuesday afternoon at a packed ceremony in Tamarac. Gomez defeated Elberg Mike Gelin earlier this month. Also taking the oath of office were two new commissioners, Kicia Daniel and Morey Wright Jr.

Mayor Michelle Gomez takes the oath of office.
Kicia Daniel takes oath of office.
Morey Wright, Jr.

The Bolton Bunch In Tamarac

Marlon Bolton with Elberg Mike Gelin and Ilene Lieberman

When he’s not printing up the Wakanda Voters Guide and bogus union cards, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton holds court with longtime allies Ilene Lieberman Michelson and Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin. Stop on by early voting at the Tamarac Library and say hello!

Elberg is running against popular incumbent Mayor Michelle Gomez while Ilene’s hubby Stuart Michelson is running to replace Gelin. Well, not exactly “running.” We hear Stuart rarely visits the polls preferring the air conditioned comfort of his Woodlands home.