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“Latin American Rules?” Tamarac Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin Makes Bigoted Remarks To Commissioner Elvin Villalobos During Public Meeting

Elberg Mike Gelin Attacks Hispanic Commissioner With Bigoted Remarks

The person making the best case why Elberg Mike Gelin should never be the Mayor of Tamarac is Gelin himself. On Wednesday evening, Gelin and his fellow Tamarac Commissioners were discussing blogs and social media thanks to an agenda item from Marlon Bolton (D-Big Baby). Even though he declared he was “not afraid of blogs,” Bolton wanted to stop Commissioner Elvin Villalobos from asking questions about the fake news website known as “The Tamarac Post.”

Over the last month, Villalobos questioned Bolton’s deep ties to the Tamarac Post as reported by REDBROWARD. Bolton repeatedly shares Tamarac Post attack pieces on Villalobos and Mayor Michelle Gomez. While the cowardly Bolton likes to spread the attacks to Tamarac residents, he clearly does not want to answer for his actions during public commission meetings.

Bolton wanted to bypass city ordinances which allow commissioners to place items on a meeting agenda. Bolton wanted the City Attorney John Herin to make the final decision on whether an item could be placed on a meeting agenda. REDBROWARD previously exposed Bolton’s troubling ties to Herin.

In April, John Herin refused to say why he was handpicked by Marlon Bolton to review a serious legal matter dealing with The Woodlands. REDBROWARD exposed how Tamarac taxpayers paid $7,070 to John Herin for the “odd and irregular” review requested by Marlon Bolton. Since becoming city attorney, John Herin has blocked Tamarac Commissioners and residents from directly criticizing Marlon Bolton and Elberg Mike Gelin at public meetings.

Last night, Bolton wanted to give Herin the ability to keep criticisms and questions regarding Bolton and the Tamarac Post off the agenda for the next 180 days. December. No questions for Bolton or Gelin until the November 2022 election is over. How convenient. “A coincidence,” said Elvin Villalobos.


When it was Elberg Mike Gelin’s turn to discuss Bolton’s proposal, he attempted to act above the fray. Gelin lamented how the discord was caused by lack of advice by Herin to commissioners seeking to waste time with issues over which they have no jurisdiction.

Gelin stated that Tamarac Commissioners could not “regulate” Tamarac Talk, Tamarac Post nor REDBROWARD. He said this First Amendment concept need to be “explained” to Villalobos.

“This is America. We have freedom of speech,” Gelin lectured. “That should be explained to the Commissioner who may still think that Latin American rules apply in America. And it doesn’t.”

“Excuse me? Excuse me? What do you mean that it doesn’t apply to Latin America, Vice Mayor?” Villalobos asked.

Later, Gelin stated the City Attorney needed to better educate Commissioners, “Who may not understand how this country is governed.”

Archie Bunker could not have said it better himself.

In the 1970s, these same arguments were used against hispanic immigrants who sought roles in South Florida governments. The old guard in Miami warned that any Cuban American influence in local government would lead to “banana republics.” These same bigoted arguments were used against the first Haitian immigrants who ran for office in North Miami. The bigots use this against any new group who threatens the status quo.

As for Elvin Villalobos, he was born in Nicaragua. In the late 1980s, Villalobos’ family moved to the United States of America. Like many Nicaraguans, Villalobos sought refuge from an ongoing civil war with the Communist-backed Sandinistas.

Elvin Villalobos was 4 years old when he moved to Florida. He went to grade school in Florida. He went to high school here. He picked up a political science degree from a Florida university. Villalobos is a licensed Florida realtor. He speaks two languages. He bought a home in Tamarac. His kids go to school in Tamarac.

What the hell does Elvin Villalobos know about “Latin American rules” Vice Mayor Gelin?

Do you think anyone with a Spanish accent or surname is ignorant about the U.S. Constitution or the American way of life?

Do you think Hispanic residents of Tamarac need a government official or attorney to lecture them on the “American rules?”

What about the Hispanic employees of the City of Tamarac? Do you think they need remedial lessons on American government?

Do your bigoted views of Hispanics affect how Gelin Benefits Group services Hispanic employees of the municipal governments you work for?

What other bigoted views do you hold near and dear to your heart, Vice Mayor Elberg Mike Gelin?

Shame on you.

Gelin & Archie Bunker

Shameless: Big Baby Marlon Bolton Asks Tamarac Residents For “Gifts” On His Birthday

Big Baby Marlon Bolton

Shameless is the family friendly word to describe Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton asking residents for “gifts” on his birthday. Of course, these “gifts” cannot be turkey dinners, subscriptions to the Tamarac Post or even supermarket gift cards. Birthday “gifts” for Marlon Bolton need to be cold, hard cash (credit cards also accepted).

In a self-serving (de rigueur) Facebook post, Marlon Bolton wishes himself a happy birthday. He wrote “click here to send your gifts.” Bolton includes a link to make a contribution to his 2024 re-election campaign.

Once redirected to an Andeot page for the Bolton campaign, readers are asked to make a campaign contribution between $5 and $1000. There is a special $370 contribution for a “37th birthday gift.” The campaign declares the $1000 contribution is the “most popular and most impactful.” No doubt!

Will Bolton claim the post is just a joke?

That would be cowardly and shameless.

Tamarac residents deserve better, right?

Big Baby Marlon Bolton
Big Baby Marlon Bolton