Broward Democrat Leader Cynthia Busch Does Not Apologize For Palestine-Gate

“I was invited to attend an event by the Muslim Democratic Caucus I was asked to sit at a table in the front. The sign facing me said Kuwait. I understand why some are offended but I was not aware until someone shared this picture with me after the event. There were country signs at […]

Stacy Ritter & Abby Freedman Ads Appear On Racist-Humor Loving Website?

It’s a no brainer for Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) and Abby Freedman (D-why wont BREC love me?) to run ads on an obscure local website focusing on Democrat issues in Tamarac and Coral Springs. And we’re pretty sure they don’t “love” the humor of the “coralspringsproblems” Twitter feed. We don’t give Stacy free passes, but […]

Time To Play Broward’s Favorite Game Show!!!

Time to Play “Pick The Bigger Clown”. Broward is full of clowns, so think carefully. The winner gets an all expenses paid trip to the Ilene Lieberman Botanical Gardens in beautiful downtown Lauderhill, plus a big money bag from Bev Stracher’s House of Money Bags and Government Jobs. Runners up will receive a $10 gift […]