North Lauderdale Taxpayers Will Pay For Costly Independent Investigation After Controversial Dale Holness Aide Alleges “Mistreatment” In Email To Commissioner Samson Borgelin

Samson Borgelin, left and Team Dale Holness

North Lauderdale taxpayers will pay big bucks for an independent investigation into allegations made by an aide to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness. In a May 11, 2021 email to North Lauderdale Commissioner Samson Borgelin, former deputy city clerk Anthony Bonamy made allegations of “mistreatment” by city officials. One month earlier, the City Commission fired Bonamy after REDBROWARD exposed his role in the phony “Tamarac Post” website.

When hired for the position in December 2020, Anthony Bonamy signed a contract prohibiting any work for local candidates or politicians. REDBROWARD revealed Bonamy owned the “Tamarac Post” website which provided favorable coverage of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton and Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Bolton, Commissioner Samson Borgelin and Commissioner Regina Martin pushed for the hiring of Bonamy as deputy city clerk. All three are staunch supporters of Dale Holness.

Two weeks ago, REDBROWARD revealed Bonamy was back on the public payroll.

Broward County Commission visitor logs show Dale Holness met with Anthony Bonamy on May 5th to “discuss office details.” On May 7th, Holness and Bonamy met to discuss “future items.” On May 14, 2021 Bonamy met with Holness chief of staff Heidi Richards. The log indicates Bonamy provided “documents” to Richards. Anthony Bonamy is currently listed as a Holness aide on the official Broward County Commission website.

On May 11, 2021 at 4:45pm, Bonamy sent an email detailing allegations of mistreatment to Commissioner Samson Borgelin. According to a discussion of the matter at the May 24, 2021 North Lauderdale commission meeting, Borgelin immediately shared the email with his fellow commissioners. The Commission was in the middle of a workshop when Borgelin received the email.

North Lauderdale Mayor Ana Ziade called Borgelin’s receipt of the Bonamy email “suspicious.”


During the May 24th meeting, City Manager Ambreen Bhatty announced an independent investigation into Anthony Bonamy’s allegations. Bhatty stated, “At the City Commission meeting on May 11, Commissioner Borgelin forwarded to the City Commission, City Manager, City Attorney, and the Community Development Department an e- mail that he received from a terminated employee, which alleged mistreatment. The item was not on the Commission agenda for that day and was tabled until the May 25th agenda.” With the assistance of City Attorney Sam Goren, Bhatty selected local attorney Ava Gaye Hue to conduct the investigation. Hue will charge North Lauderdale taxpayers $350 per hour for her investigation.

But the hiring of an independent investigator was not good enough for Samson Borgelin. As one of Anthony Bonamy’s strongest supporters, it is not surprising that Borgelin wanted to personally conduct a witch hunt into the matter. Borgelin argued Commissioners had the power to investigate and subpoena witness. Borgelin was visibly upset that an actual attorney was hired without his explicit approval.

Borgelin demanded the email be made public by publishing it in the commission agenda. City Attorney Goren stated the email was exempt from publication. He stated Commissioners needed to protect the privacy of Bonamy as well as those Bonamy named in the email.

Did Dale Holness know Anthony Bonamy made these allegations against a City he represents?

Does Dale Holness care that residents of city he represents is spending money on allegations made by his personal aide?

Did Dale Holness know about these allegations before he hired Anthony Bonamy?

Has Dale Holness discussed this matter with Commisisoner Samson Borgelin or Commissioner Regina Martin?

Did Dale Holness play any role in the hiring of Anthony Bonamy as North Lauderdale Deputy City Clerk in November 2020?

North Lauderdale City Manager Ambreen Bhatty memo re: Anthony Bonamy

Bully Pulpit: Marlon Bolton Laughs While Telling Churchgoers About Getting Revenge On Female Rival

A laughing Marlon Bolton invoked the Lord’s name while bragging to churchgoers about getting revenge on a female political rival. Bolton made the remarks at a “victory service” at his Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach church last November. Days earlier, Bolton won re-election to the Tamarac City Commission.

The November 8, 2020 so-called church service was part victory party, part celebration of Bolton himself. Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness, a staunch Bolton ally, presented a proclamation declaring November 9th as “Marlon Bolton Day.” Bolton listed all the dignitaries in the room as well as those who were invited but could not attend.

While his flock calls him “The Prophet,” Pastor Marlon Bolton did little spiritual healing from his pulpit. Instead, Bolton laughed as he told his faithful he had vanquished his political enemies and consolidated his power in Tamarac. All while invoking the name of God and Jesus.


Marlon Bolton started by telling his churchgoers he would cancelled the service if he lost his race. Then, he gave details about his revenge-fueled power grab in Tamarac:

“The same colleague of mine that encouraged somebody to run against me in my race, the same colleague who said, ‘He ain’t gonna get away with it.’ So we ran somebody against her and she’s out of office.“

(Sinister laugh)

“Oooh my friend won, Glory to God. (Laughs). So now, Amen, we got the majority on the board. God is good. Amen. We love politics, and we love Jesus too.”

“They’re going to get me for that. But I already won. They’ll play it back in four years.”

“Oh they tried to get us. They tried to get us many times. But we still won by a landslide….God is good. Amen.”


This bizarre rant played out like a scene from high school production of Elmer Gantry. Bolton, in front of elected officials, bragging how he beat Commissioner Julie Fishman for daring to encourage someone to run for office. Fishman lost by a handful of votes to Bolton ally Elvin Villalobos. Once again, voters witness Marlon Bolton bullying women.

REDBROWARD previously reported how a bombshell investigation showed Bolton bullied City of Tamarac employees who dared to question his personal directives. In January, Bolton’s wife called Broward Sheriff‘s deputies to their home after he became angry when she moved his surveillance cameras. Bolton repeatedly attacks and interrogates Tamarac Mayor Michelle Gomez during city commission meetings. Bolton repeatedly attacks Sun-Sentinel reporter Lisa Huriash by name because she dared to cover his exploits on the Tamarac commission.

None of the elected officials attending the church service stood up to decry a man of God bragging about getting revenge. Not one leader stood up to say the Lord preaches forgiveness, not revenge.

Do you really expect these same leaders to stand up to Marlon Bolton’s bullying tactics against women?

Will nobody stand up to Marlon Bolton and defend the women and men of Tamarac?

Who Paid For Regina Martin’s Lavish Victory Party At Ballroom Owned By Wife Of Fellow North Lauderdale Commissioner Samson Borgelin?

Campaign records fail to show who paid for a lavish “election watch party” hosted by North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin in November 2020. Martin held the party at the Grand Palace Ballroom located in a North Lauderdale strip mall. State of Florida corporate records show the Grand Palace Ballroom is owned and operated by Dorothy Borgelin, wife of North Lauderdale Commissioner Samson Borgelin.

Regina Martin’s final campaign treasurer’s report (termination report) was filed in late January. There was no listing of any payment to Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin. There is no listing for any “in-kind contribution” from Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin.

Regina Martin filed two amended termination reports in February and April 2021.

The report filed on April 18, 2021 shows a $99 expenditure to Visionary Events and Designs LLC for “catering for victory party” on November 6, 2020. State records show Visionary Events and Designs is owned by Margarette Prosper. But still no listing for Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin.

There is no listing for either Grand Palace Borgelin on the amended report filed on February 1, 2021 by Martin. However it does show a November 6, 2020 cash withdrawal of $700 for “campaign expense.” This was same date Regina Martin paid for the catering. On November 23, 2020 Martin lists another cash withdrawal for “campaign expense.” Again, no payments or in-kind contributions to Grand Palace Ballroom or Dorothy Borgelin.

Did Regina Martin pay cash for her election watch party?

Earlier this month, REDBROWARD revealed Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton and Commissioner Samson Borgelin attended the election watch party.

REDBROWARD just received more video and photographs showing deep ties between Regina Martin, Marlon Bolton, Samson Borgelin, Tamarac Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos and Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Didn’t any of these seasoned politicians tell Regina Martin not to pay “campaign expenses” with cash?

Dorothy Borgelin is no stranger to politics. Earlier this week, REDBROWARD revealed Mrs. Borgelin urged the North Lauderdale Commission to hire Anthony Bonamy as deputy city clerk. Borgelin spoke after Marlon Bolton at the November 19, 2020 meeting. Bonamy was fired this week after REDBROWARD exposed his political ties to Marlon Bolton.

Dorothy Borgelin is the vice chair of the Broward Haitian-American Democrat club.

What the heck is going on in North Lauderdale and Tamarac?