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Someone Stole $8,000 In Cash, City Documents From Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton’s Car

On the afternoon of June 18, 2018, Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton became the victim of a crime. Bolton called the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to report “that an unknown person(s) stole a brown leather bag, possibly from his unlocked vehicle, the bag contained about $8,200.00 cash and other miscellanious items.” The items included a Blackberry, a checkbook, keys and unknown city documents.

Bolton said he had the brown leather computer bag in his car as he spent the early afternoon traveling to different banks to make deposits and pick up foreign currency. Bolton told BSO he visited two Chase Bank branches as well as a Citi Bank branch. Bolton said brought his bag with him at each bank.

But Bolton said he did not bring the bag into a restaurant when he stopped to pick up lunch.

When Marlon Bolton arrived at Tamarac City Hall he realized the bag was missing.

Bolton said the bag contained a $2,000 cash payment from an “unknown client for work done.” Bolton said the remaining $6,000 was “gifted” to him by members of his Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church in North Lauderdale.

REDBROWARD obtained video Bolton posted of the gifting of the $6,000 from churchgoers.

Two women approach Bolton with a large brown bag which contains his birthday present. The women encourage Bolton to look inside the bag.

Bolton squeals with delight as he unzips bag to reveal it is stuffed with cash. He dances around as he screams “money!”

If you have any information about this crime, please call Broward Crimes Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS (8477) or submit information here. You will remain anonymous.

Mysterious Political Committees That Endorsed North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin Were Funded By Marlon Bolton Donors

Political committees formed by business associates of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton were funded by Bolton campaign donors, records show. In 2020, Trace Robinson created the Broward Vision PAC political committee using the same post office box address used by businesses owned by Bolton. Florida business records list Marlon Bolton and Trace Robinson as owners of The Driven Project, Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church, and South Florida Theological Seminary, Inc. The companies also use the same post office box. Robinson is the founder of Happy Feet Advertising.

Last month, Marlon Bolton refused to answer question regarding his ties to Happy Feet Advertising.

Days later, REDBROWARD revealed Happy Feet Advertising performed extensive campaign work for newly-elected North Lauderdale Commissioner Regina Martin. North Lauderdale campaign treasurer reports show Regina Martin paid $14,750 to Happy Feet during the 2020 election cycle.

On September 11, 2020, Regina Martin announced Broward Vision endorsed her campaign. “Thank you Broward Vision for your support and endorsement of our campaign..#letsrebuildtogether”


State elections records show half of Broward Vision PAC donors were longtime Marlon Bolton donors. At least Twelve of Broward Vision PAC donors contributed to Marlon Bolton’s 2020 re-election campaign. Most of those funds were spent on businesses with ties to Bolton.

State of Florida campaign records show Broward Vision PAC paid $1,400 to Exy Consultants, a corporation created under the Happy Feet Advertising LLC name by Robinson. Exy Consultants used the same P.O. Box 451711 address as Marlon Bolton.

On November 6, 2020 Broward Vision paid $1,000 to Creative Network Media. Three days earlier, Marlon Bolton also paid Creative Network Media.

In addition to paying Happy Feet Advertising, Regina Martin paid $6,500 to Mojo Global Holdings of Lauderhill.

Last week, REDBROWARD exposed the ties between Mojo Global, Marlon Bolton and Vice Mayor Elvin Villalobos.


State records show Carl K. Williams is the managing member of the company. The State records list P.O. Box 246164 in Pembroke Pines as the mailing address for Mojo Global Holdings.

State records list Carl Williams and the P.O. Box 246164 on the business records for New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida. While the post office box is listed as its mailing address, since 2017, corporate records show the principal address of New Convenant Ministeries International-Miami Florida as 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale.

Since 2015, the storefront at 1625 S. State Road 7 in North Lauderdale has been the principal address for Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach Church. This church is owned by Marlon Bolton.

On April 12, 2019, Carl Williams created the “Go Tamarac Go PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 mailing address. The only money listed in the Go Tamarac Go reports is a $1,750 contribution by the PAC’s treasurer Joseph Malucci. Tamarac campaign records show Malucci made contributions to Marlon Bolton’s campaign.

Also on April 12, 2019, Carl Williams formed the “Residents United PAC” using the P.O. Box 246164 address. On July 31, 2020, Residents United PAC received a $7,500 contribution from Exy Consultants at P.O. Box 451711 in Fort Lauderdale and a $1,000 contribution from Joseph Malucci.

Why are Marlon Bolton and his associates involved in North Lauderdale politics?

Why are Marlon Bolton’s associates creating political consulting companies and forming political action committees?

Why are these committees getting donations from these companies?

Why are these companies getting paid by these committees?

Residents of Tamarac and North Lauderdale deserve answers, right?