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Fuzzy Math? Broward Early Vote Totals Off By 12 Votes


Uh-oh. Counting votes in Broward is never easy. Brenda Snipes’ Supervisor Elections Office released eary vote totals for January 21 and January 22, 2011. Dr. Snipes “Unofficial” count says 1,425 people voted in Broward county of the weekend.

But the report shows different numbers. On Saturday, 61 people voted at the Hollywood Branch Public Library. On Sunday the report lists 12 votes. But the totals column only reflects the 61 votes not 73. The incorrect total is used to come up with 1,425 votes.

If the 12 votes are added, the actual total is still a dismal 1,437 votes.

Sure it’s a simple clerical error, but given Broward’s electoral history you’d think Dr. Snipes would double-check things.

Brenda Snipes, a Broward Democrat, is up for re-election in November 2012.

UPDATE: The website has been changed to reflect correct amount


Broward (Democrat) County Commish’s Hubby Pleads Guilty To Tax Evasion

Richard Rubin, husband of disgraced former Broward County Comissioner Diana Wasserman Rubin plead guilty to federal charges today.
“I erred. I erred terribly, your honor. I’m ashamed and I apologize to the court.”

The Sun-Sentinel has the details. Click here for Sun-Sentinel video

REAL SHOCKER: A Broward Politician NOT Under Investigation!!!

The Sun-Sentinel reports local corruption investigators took “unusual step” to announce Broward County Commissioner John Rodstorm was NOT under investigation.

“Prosecutors often won’t confirm or deny who is or isn’t under investigation for tactical, ethical or other reasons, but Assistant State Attorney Jeannette Camacho said Sunday that her office has no pending investigation of Rodstrom.”

Last week, reports surfaced that Bev “Moneybag” Stracher mentioned Rodstrom as a politician connected to the Chaits.  Rodstrom vehmently denied any accusation.

“‘I think Stracher threw my name out there because we’re political opponents, some would even say enemies,’ he said. ‘It is completely unfair, because I cannot be bought and I have never taken anything from anyone. I pay for everything I do — you can’t even buy me lunch,’ Rodstrom said.”

Hmmm, is it possible Stracher was telling tall tales to punish enemies and protect friends? More importantly, are the investigators double-checking the veracity of Stracher’s stories?

Perhaps, "Who" is a better question