Broward Obama Supporter Nearly Arrested For Violating Campaign Laws in Coral Springs

Chaos continues at the Coral Springs Early Voting location. Broward School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-Alone) continues to aggravate candidates, campaign workers, poll deputies and voters with her overly aggressive campaign techniques. Freedman repeatedly tells Republicans she has the GOP endorsement. She knows this is not the truth. The Broward Republican Party joined local democrats […]

Coral Springs Removes Signs From Broward Early Voting Locations

Coral Springs Code Enforcement has removed ALL signs from the Broward early voting location at the Coral Springs library. According to City sources, someone supporting Stacy Ritter’s campaign complained about one of Robert “Bob” Sutton,her opponent, signs. Code enforcement decided to remove all campaign signs including expensive “FORWARD” banners purchased by Obama For America Florida. […]

The “Losing Your Virginity To Obama” Campaign Commerical Wow, we’d expect this from the Scott Israel campaign, but it’s an official Obama For America ad. Actress Lena Dunham (Girls) likens voting for Obama to losing one’s virginity. Yeah, women will love this. The voting process is reduced to sex with a man. Ugh