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Broward Obama Supporter Nearly Arrested For Violating Campaign Laws in Coral Springs

Chaos continues at the Coral Springs Early Voting location. Broward School Board candidate Abby Freedman (D-Alone) continues to aggravate candidates, campaign workers, poll deputies and voters with her overly aggressive campaign techniques. Freedman repeatedly tells Republicans she has the GOP endorsement. She knows this is not the truth. The Broward Republican Party joined local democrats such as Lori Parrish, the Police Benevolent Association and local firefighters by endorsing her opponent Rochelle “Shelly” Solomon. Freedman has been observed violating the non-partisan nature of her campaign by telling voters she is a Democrat. She must have learned this trick from fellow TEAM STACY RITTER member Dr. Mark “Fancy Pants” Gendal. Witnesses say Freedman has been making rude gestures and comments to local reporters as well.

On Monday, poll deputies grew tired of Freedman’s antics which were holding up the line. Freedman, standing at the edge of the 100ft “no campaign” boundary, berated voters with her canned appeal to root out “special interests” and bashed the Broward Teachers Union. Poll deputies were forced to put up cones, creating a “safe zone” between voters in line and Freedman.

On Wednesday, a local Obama supporter decided to repeatedly violate the “no campaign” zone. The Obama fan, parading around the Library grounds with an Obama sign, ignored warnings from poll deputies and security personnel. Elections officials were forced to call Coral Springs police who warned the unidentified woman that she faced arrest if she continued to break the law. The woman said “they’re trying to intimidate me”, but in the end she decided to follow the law.

Broward Democrats Keep On Smiling


Broward Democrats don’t care. They’re running all over town with smiles on their faces. They’re holding fancy fundraisers at powerful law firms. They’re still collecting $500 checks from well-connected benefactors. They’re planning on filling more positions with family members of important lobbyist firms. They’re planning and plotting to manipulate their unmotivated base no matter the cost to society. They’re baking cakes and cookies for each others big parties.

They don’t care.

They’re shielded from reality by the big walls surrounding their governments offices. They’re insulated from the unwashed masses by their gated communities and security patrols. They erect video cameras to catch working class people picking up fallen fruit from the roadside.

They don’t care.

They gather in small numbers on street corners to rail against “evil republicans”; Then they proudly post pictures on Facebook to comment on their huge success. They limit their knowledge of the outside world to certain political blogs that pat the usual suspects on the back for a job well done. They say Republicans carry a genetic defect.

They don’t care.

They meet the union rank and file to fill their heads with stories of big bad Republicans, while ignoring questions from union stewards about criminal investigations of the union bosses. Then, when three more high level union officials get arrested they ignore it. They don’t resign in disgrace. They’re still in their union offices collecting their $120,000 paychecks.

They don’t care.

But, our kids care. Our neighbors care. Our co-workers care. We care.

And now, more of the folks with badges care.

They’re tired of criminal investigations dying at certain offices. And they’re tired of the same old suspects playing political musical chairs.

Brace yourself, Winter is coming.