Broward Judicial Candidate Lea Krauss Admits Paying Fee To Attend Partisan Political Party Event

  A State’s interest in preserving public confidence in the integrity of its judiciary extends beyond its interest in preventing the appearance of corruption in legislative and executive elections, because a judge’s role differs from that of a politician. Unlike a politician, who is expected to be appropriately responsive to the preferences of supporters, a […]

Broward Judicial Wannabe Kissing Up To Scandal-Plagued Pols

Lea Krauss’ indiscriminate kissing up to Broward Democrats has brought her into the orbit of some of the most scandal-plagued politicos. This wouldn’t be a big deal if she was just your run-of-the-mill Democrat candidate, but Lea Krauss wants to be a Broward County Circuit Court Judge. Even worse, Krauss touts her political connections on […]

Broward Booby Prize: The Judicial Candidate, Busty Waitresses & The Political Pimp

It’s only Monday, but Broward judicial candidate Lea Krauss already won this week’s booby prize. As first reported by, Krauss was forced to cancel a fundraiser at The Tilted Kilt, a new Fort Lauderdale “breastaurant.” The downtown Fort Lauderdale eatery features good food, cold beer and young waitresses in short skirts that would never […]