Broward Judicial Candidate Lea Krauss Admits Paying Fee To Attend Partisan Political Party Event

  A State’s interest in preserving public confidence in the integrity of its judiciary extends beyond its interest in preventing the appearance of corruption in legislative and executive elections, because a judge’s role differs from that of a politician. Unlike a politician, who is expected to be appropriately responsive to the preferences of supporters, a […]

Broward Judicial Wannabe Kissing Up To Scandal-Plagued Pols

Lea Krauss’ indiscriminate kissing up to Broward Democrats has brought her into the orbit of some of the most scandal-plagued politicos. This wouldn’t be a big deal if she was just your run-of-the-mill Democrat candidate, but Lea Krauss wants to be a Broward County Circuit Court Judge. Even worse, Krauss touts her political connections on […]

Broward Inspector General Files Ethics Charges Against Former Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner

Broward Inspector General John W. Scott has filed an ethics complaint against former Lauderdale Lakes Commissioner Eric L. Haynes for violating the Broward County Ethics Code. The eight page complaint alleges Haynes failed to disclose his outside employment with Inner Urban Asset Management of Fort Lauderdale, LLC. The three charges include failure to disclose and file for […]