Broward Judicial Wannabe Kissing Up To Scandal-Plagued Pols

Lea Krauss’ indiscriminate kissing up to Broward Democrats has brought her into the orbit of some of the most scandal-plagued politicos. This wouldn’t be a big deal if she was just your run-of-the-mill Democrat candidate, but Lea Krauss wants to be a Broward County Circuit Court Judge. Even worse, Krauss touts her political connections on […]

Lawyer On Host Committee For Judge Wannabe, Blamed Kid Victims Of Sexual Battery

A local attorney who blamed two minors for Wilton Manors sexual assaults is on the host committee for Broward County Court hopeful Betsy Benson. Larry Davis is one of many Democrat activists on Benson’s October 8th kickoff for her campaign for the Group 13 seat. In April 2013, Davis was featured on WPLG Local 10 […]