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Brenda Snipes Promotes Re-Election Campaign With Literature Purchased By Broward Taxpayers

Broward County Supervisor of Elections Dr. Brenda Snipes appears to be promoting her re-election campaign with literature purchased by Broward County taxpayers. On Friday evening, Snipes attended the Emerge USA political candidate forum in Sunrise, Florida. Snipes and her challenger, David Brown, had a few minutes to address the audience.

While Snipes spoke, Fred Bellis, one of her chief lieutenants at SOE, recorded her speech. Snipes’ use of SOE employees at campaign events has come under fire before. Bellis was sporting a Snipes campaign sticker.

In a table at the back of the room, candidates placed their mailers and palm cards for attendees to take. Nearly all of these pieces were paid for with campaign funds.

Except for the literature placed on table by Snipes.

Snipes placed sample ballots printed by the Supervisor of Elections office. Snipes gets money to print these sample ballots from Broward County taxpayers, not campaign donors and lobbyists.

The pieces used by Snipes are intended to educate voters about the candidates and issues on the August ballot. It is not supposed to promote Snipes’ re-election. 

Snipes’ campaign did not present any other pieces of campaign literature.

Meet Broward County Court Judge, Group 8 Candidate Kathleen McCarthy

Broward County Court Judge candidate Kathleen McCarthy spoke to voters at Friday’s Emerge USA political forum in Sunrise. McCarthy is seeking the group 8 seat currently held by Judge Stephen Zaccor. The winner will be determined on the August 30th ballot.