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Wrong Number? Broward Judicial Candidate Chris Brown Makes Changes After Campaign Sent Text Messages From Judge’s Telephone Number

Broward Judicial Candidate Chris Brown Changes Phone Number

On Monday, REDBROWARD revealed text messages from the Chris Marion Brown judicial campaign came from a telephone used by his wife Judge Mindy Brown. Judicial canons forbid a judge from using her position to support a spouse running for office. On Thursday, the Chris Brown campaign sent the same message but this time a different number was used.

Why the change? Someone should ask Chris Brown. Or maybe give Judge Mindy Brown a call.

Chris Marion Brown

Here’s our original post:

Anyone with a telephone knows the drill. You do not answer a call or text from an unknown number. The first thing you do is “Google” the number. On Sunday, some Broward voters received a text message touting the campaign of Chris Marion Brown. A simple Google search shows the texts came from a phone number associated with his wife, Broward Judge Mindy Brown.

Chris Brown Text Sent From Number Used By Judge Mindy Brown

Judicial candidates and judges must follow a strict set of rules and ethics set by the Supreme Court of Florida. Some of the biggest rules govern what a Judge can and cannot do when their spouse is running for office. Judges are forbidden from using their office to endorse or support the candidacy of their spouse.

Here, anyone who searches the telephone number on Google will discover a clear tie between judicial candidate Brown and Judge Mindy Brown. It doesn’t require any advanced sleuthing skills.

The very first result on Google is a link to Judge Mindy Brown’s 2018 campaign information. In 2018, the same number promoting Chris Brown was listed as her official campaign telephone number. The website includes a picture of Judge Mindy Brown.

To the average Google user, this may appear that Judge Mindy Brown sent a text message endorsing the candidacy of Chris Brown.

Chris Brown should know the judicial canons governing his race. Judge Mindy Brown should definitely know the canons she must follow.

The graphic sent from Judge Mindy Brown’s campaign telephone number includes a picture of the Browns. The graphic makes reference to “Mindy Brown.” Chris Brown and Mindy Brown know he cannot make reference to “Judge” in the piece. So why did they send from a number that links to a picture of Judge Mindy Brown wearing her judicial robes?

Editor’s Note: Full disclosure, this reporter is a friend Chris Brown’s opponent, Michael Ahearn.

Broward Judicial Candidate Tanner Demmery Said “You Could Always Buy Chicks If You Have Money.”

When asked by a college newspaper if he would rather have a lifetime supply of money or women, local drummer Tanner Demmery said, “Money, because you could always buy chicks if you have money.” University Press interviewed Demmery as part of a 2002 exposé on the Fort Lauderdale band “Shine Box.” Formed in October 2000, University Press said Demmery’s band played music by Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Smashing Pumpkins.

Tanner Demmery was asked a series of “unusual questions” designed to illicit humorous responses.

“Peanut Butter-Smooth, Chunky, or Goober Grape? ‘Smooth all the way.’ Would you rather have a lifetime supply of chicks or money? ‘Money, because you could always buy chicks if you have money.’ Would you rather spend 24 hours shackled to Roseanne or Carrot Top? ‘Roseanne, don’t know why though.'”

For his last answer, Demmery gave a somewhat off-color response about his testicles. He was asked, “Would you give your left nut for a record contract? ‘Yeah, because my left one’s been kind of off lately anyways.‘”

Fast forward to 2018, Demmery is running for the Broward County Court Group 9 seat against local attorney Corey Amanda Cawthon and Leonore “I’m not a scammer” Greller.

In this era of the #MeToo movement where men are called upon to answer for their treatment and behavior towards women, one may think Tanner Demmery would address questions about his remarks.

Nope. Tanner Demmery did not respond to a request for comment.

Does Tanner Demmery still think he can “buy” women? Does he still prefer Roseanne to Carrot Top?

Voters deserve answers before putting Tanner Demmery anywhere near the Broward bench.