Broward Judicial Candidate Tanner Demmery Said “You Could Always Buy Chicks If You Have Money.” When asked by a college newspaper if he would rather have a lifetime supply of money or women, local drummer Tanner Demmery said, “Money, because you could always buy chicks if you have money.” University Press interviewed Demmery as part of a 2002 exposé on the Fort Lauderdale band “Shine Box.” Formed in October […]

Broward Judicial Candidate Leonore Greller Tells Voters: “I Am NOT A Scammer!” Taking a page from Richard Nixon’s political playbook, Broward County Court Judge Candidate Leonore Greller addressed scrutiny of her mortgage modification work by telling voters, “I am not a scammer!” Greller made her shocking remark at a recent Democratic club meeting in Sunrise. In February, reported Leonore Greller had been accused of practicing […]

Broward Judge Wannabe Lea Krauss Uses American Flags As Hood Ornaments

Broward County Circuit Court Judge candidate Lea Krauss’ use of the American flag as a hood ornament is a clear violation of the United States Flag Code. Krauss draped the hood and trunk of her convertible Mercedes-Benz with American Flags during the City of Weston 4th of July parade. Krauss posted pictures of the Federal […]