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Governor Ron DeSantis Making “Major Announcement” At Broward Courthouse On Thursday

Governor Ron DeSantis is coming to Fort Lauderdale on Thursday to make a “major announcement.” The Governor will appear at the Broward County Courthouse this afternoon. He will be joined by Attorney General Ashley Moody, Secretary of State Cord Byrd, Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) Acting Commissioner Mark Glass and Election Crimes and Security Office Director Peter Antonacci.

UPDATE: Source tells REDBROWARD the topic will be fake voters.

UPDATE 2: POLITICO FL reporting Joe Scott will not be suspended but he will lose control of SOE. State will take over SOE and conduct an audit.

Whoops? Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office Isn’t Sure When Early Voting Starts


Early rising Broward residents who follow the Broward Supervisor Of Elections Office (SOE) on social media may believe early voting begins real soon. On Wednesday morning, Broward SOE accounts on Facebook and Instagram trumpeted the news how early voting started in two days. Just one problem. Broward early voting doesn’t start in two days.

Within hours, Broward SOE deleted the wrong post. In its place was a new SOE graphic stating early voting starts in three days.

For the record, early voting in Broward begins Saturday August 13, 2022 at 10:00AM.

How does Joe Scott get this wrong? It’s another misstep for the Supervisor of Election.

In July, Scott admitted his office sent the wrong ballots to some Broward residents.

Broward Supervisor of Elections Joe Scott said during an appearance Sunday morning on This Week in South Florida that the ballots were already being mailed out when the new congressional district lines were set, making ballots for a few hundred households outdated.

“When we’re dealing with 1.2 million voters and 31 different cities, anything that might go wrong tends to impact thousands of people,” Scott said. “That’s not the case here. In this case, what it actually impacted were individual streets.”

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