Brenda Snipes’ Lawyer On Election Day: “Humanity Is On The Ballot!!!”

On Election Day 2018, Brenda Snipes’ lawyer told her Facebook followers that “Humanity is on the ballot!!!” As REDBROWARD reported last week, Snipes’ attorney Burnadette Norris Weeks has been invisible during the post-election recount mess. While Norris Weeks works behind the scenes and gives comment to print media, Eugene Pettis has been the public face […]

Dale Holness Seeking Volunteers For Broward Recount

Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness continues to play a major role in Andrew Gillum’s bid to be the next Governor of Florida. On Tuesday, Holness’ daughter Damara sent an urgent email to supporters seeking volunteers for the election recount. The email came from a Dale Holness email account with his name emblazoned on the top. […]

What Recount?!? Broward Elections Office Lawyer Busy Promoting Her Pricey Empowerment Conference On Radio

Missing votes? Uncounted votes? Broward Supervisor Of Elections Brenda Snipes’ Office called it a “conspiracy theory.” Heck, on election night, Snipes’ lawyer Burnadette Norris Weeks called Broward turnout “crazy” and “insane.” With a recount scheduled for Saturday evening, you might think Snipes and Ms. Norris Weeks must be huddled somewhere making sure the “crazy” and […]