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Commission Applicant Carl Dotson Says He Has Lived In North Lauderdale For Three Years, So Why Does He Vote In Pompano Beach?

Carl Dotson enjoys the view of North Lauderdale or Pompano Beach?

Carl Dotson is one of two finalists for the District D seat on the North Lauderdale City Commission. Under city law, Mayor Samson Borgelin and the city commissioners will vote tonight to seat Dotson or Darrell Lewis-Ricketts on the commission. If neither candidate gets a majority, the city will be forced to hold a costly special election in January.

This process was triggered when Borgelin defeated Mayor Ana Ziadie last month.

Last week, each applicant received only two votes each. Three votes are required.

Dotson is backed by the commission allies of Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton. While Bolton laughably endorsed Ziade’s application, Commissioners Regina Martin and Lherrison Luke Lewis supported Dotson.

Dotson and Bolton are salesmen for TLC cannabis products.

On his application, Carl Dotson claims to have been a North Lauderdale resident for three years. However, State of Florida and Broward County records show Dotson is registered to vote in the City of Pompano Beach.

Voter records show Dotson voted in Pompano Beach in August 2022 and November 2022. It is against the law to vote in a city in which you do not reside.

REDBROWARD asked Carl Dotson to explain what is going on. At first, when asked where he is registered to vote, Dotson said “I am not sure. Somewhere in Broward.” Later, Dotson provided a written statement via text message.

Dotson told REDBROWARD:

“I am honored that I was chosen by members of the North Lauderdale Commission to advance in the final process to be appointed to serve the City Commission. As it relates to your question on residency. I have lived in North Lauderdale for the past three years and have seen many ways that I can contribute to the City’s success. I am happy to provide a copy of my lease, utility bills, and driver’s license to the City if they require it. To your question on why I voted in another City, I believe that is a question for the Elections office. Each time I show up to where I believe to be my poll in North Lauderdale, I am sent to my old voting location. On the last occasion, I witnessed many voters who were also turned away. So I am not sure why that is. But I will reach out Elections Office again to get an answer.”

Dotson provided a photograph of a driver’s license with a North Lauderdale address but did not say when he obtained the license.

Would the Broward Supervisor of Elections allow a resident to vote in the wrong city for three years?

What happened when Dotson produced identification with a North Lauderdale address at a Pompano Beach polling place?

Why does Team Bolton want Dotson on the North Lauderdale commission?