Broward Judicial Wannabe Kissing Up To Scandal-Plagued Pols

Lea Krauss with Scott Brook, via Facebook

Lea Krauss with Scott Brook, via Facebook

Lea Krauss’ indiscriminate kissing up to Broward Democrats has brought her into the orbit of some of the most scandal-plagued politicos. This wouldn’t be a big deal if she was just your run-of-the-mill Democrat candidate, but Lea Krauss wants to be a Broward County Circuit Court Judge. Even worse, Krauss touts her political connections on her campaign website.

Boastful of her 150 endorsements on her campaign website, Krauss lists the names of politicians and lobbyists as if it were a badge of honor for someone seeking a seat on the Broward Bench. Lobbyists like Steve Geller, a huge proponent of legalized gambling and currently running for a spot on the Broward County Commission. Also on Lea Krauss’ hot list: lobbyist Mike Moskowitz, County Commissioner Stacy Ritter and former Congressman Larry Smith.

Guess Lea sticks to Lexis instead of Google.

Krauss’ political butt-smooching gets worse on Facebook. She posts pics, arm in arm, with controversial Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness and Daniel Sohn, Dania Beach Commission candidate/king of mysterious non-profit groups.

Come on Lea, Google is your friend.

A recent post has Krauss all smiles with former Coral Springs Mayor Scott Brook. According to the post, Krauss and Brook were attending a North Broward Bar function in Coral Springs.

Maybe it was a legal ethics review course. Brook is infamous for his ethics.

In November 2011, Brook dropped out the Florida House race after he was “dragged down by the dirty developers, Bruce and Shawn Chait.” Buddy Nevins of BrowardBeat reported, “The Florida Ethics Commission staff is recommending commissioners find probable cause to believe Brook broke state ethics laws.  He is alleged to have accepted a boat trip, food and drink from the Chaits while voting on their controversial golf course project.” Nevins wrote the ethics complaint alleged:

  • In 2006, Brook asked the Chaits for use of their 74-foot Viking yacht to watch the Fort Lauderdale Air and Sea Show on May 6.  The developers  said the yacht was not available, but offered Brook a 27-foot boat instead.
  • Brook accepted and took his wife, children, another couple and their children to view the show.  He was given free drinks and snacks.
  • Less than three weeks later, Brook voted to approve development of 161 acres the Chaits owned in Tamarac with 931 homes.

Brook, a lawyer and Mayor of a large Broward city, used ignorance as his defense. He told the Sun-Sentinel, “he had never rented a boat before and now ‘I can understand most people would value that as more than $100. I apologize. I’m taking responsibility by accepting the fine.'” Yep, most people assume you can rent a boat for less than $100 bucks.

When asked if the boat ride influenced his vote, Brook said, “Not at all.”

In testimony to prosecutors, Brook believed his use of a boat, a captain, gas and food for $100 bucks had nothing to do with his vote on a project. Brook said, “For me, when somebody like Mr. Chait had made the generous offer that he did, had nothing to do in my mind in reality with any vote coming up or that just occurred.”

Broward County deserves members of the judiciary who don’t go around snapping selfies with the likes of former Mayor Scott Brook.

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