Facebook Plea Exposes Lamberti Role In BSO “Mystery Man” Campaign



A Facebook plea to local tea party activists may have exposed former Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti’s role in the campaign of “mystery man” Edison Jules. On Saturday night, David L. Rosenthal, a Broward-based conspiracy theorist, implored local tea party leaders to support Jules, a Democrat, in the 2016 election for sheriff. Jules is running for the Democrat nomination against Broward Sheriff Scott Israel.

Rosenthal directed his plea towards Danita Kilcullen (Tea Party Fort Lauderdale), Sarah Lima (Broward Tea Party), and “the Republicans of Broward.” He wrote, “I have met Edison Jules four times, and have spoken at length with him three times. He is a candidate for sheriff in opposition to the insane policies of Scott Israel. Edison is a Democrat, but there are no Republicans running, and Al Lamberti supports Edison.” Rosenthal claimed Jules “is the man we need to put things right, not only in the sheriff’s office, but in the schools, and in the county government.” He implored the tea party and Republicans to invite Jules to speak to their groups.

“I urge you to invite him to speak at a Tea Party meeting, and to put him through the fire, if you like,”Rosenthal wrote. “He will stand the test.”


Last May, REDBROWARD reported Jules filed a racial discrimination lawsuit against his former police department, claiming he was disabled due to “memory loss.” In 2011, Edison Jules filed a lawsuit against the Village of Obetz Police Department. He based his lawsuit on violations of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA).

According to the lawsuit, in May 2009, Jules “lost consciousness while on duty and was taken to the hospital. After a five-day hospital stay, he was released and excused from work for seven days.” The Court noted, “Although Jules was referred to a therapist for his memory, there is no evidence that he ever received memory-related treatment.”

In February 2010, Jules lost his department issued telephone. “Jules reported the loss of the phone to his supervisor and asked that someone from the police department go to his house to inform him if he was needed when off-duty, as Jules would be unreachable by phone.” A few days later, Jules failed to appear in court as a witness. His absence violated Obetz Police Department Directive (“OPDD”) 1.29: Requirement to Attend Trials or Hearings. After two disciplinary hearings, the Mayor of Obetz determined Jules, “demonstrated a lack of trustworthiness and inability to take responsibility for his own conduct, and exhibited an inability to meet the standard expected of a uniformed officer in the Village of Obetz.”

The Court rejected Jules’ claims the Obetz Police Department were aware of his “disability.” The Court wrote, “There is also insufficient evidence to suggest that Defendants believed Plaintiff might have a disability. Plaintiff claims that Chief Hinkle was present when the neurologist diagnosed him with a brain aneurysm, but there is no other evidence in the record that the medical event was ever diagnosed as an aneurysm, or that the aneurysm actually resulted in memory issues. Plaintiff also states that he told his supervisor that he was experiencing memory issues. There is also no evidence that Plaintiff’s supervisor was informed that Plaintiff’s memory lapses were due to impairment. An employer cannot discriminate against an employee on the basis of a disability when it is unaware that the disability exists. Simpkins v. Specialty Envelope, 94 F.3d 645 (6th Cir. 1996) (unpublished).”

Edison Jules has never addressed his lawsuit.

Also last May, REDBROWARD exposed Jules’ dealings with operators of shady Broward County health clinics. In February 2015, Obinson Louis, the business partner of Edison Jules, was arrested on eight felony charges related to medical fraud. On February 18, 2015, Louis (a.k.a Louis Obinson) was charged with two counts of grand theft in the third degree and six counts of operating a medical clinic without a license. Louis surrendered on February 25th and plead “not guilty” to all eight charges.

State of Florida records show Obinson Louis and Edison Jules founded United Health Medical Center Inc. in October 2014. Louis was listed as the president of the Lauderhill medical clinic, while Jules was named the company’s vice president. A month after Louis’ arrest, the State received a document removing Louis and Jules as officers of the clinic. A Broward chiropractor was listed as the new president of the clinic.

Edison Jules has never addressed his partnership with Obinson Louis.

Then REDBROWARD raised questions about whereabouts of Edison Jules. In campaign paperwork filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections Office (SOE), Edison Jules used a luxury apartment building in Plantation as his address. Jules’ campaign treasurer Katherine Antequera, a New York plus-sized model, also used the same Plantation address. Many assumed Jules, an Ohio policeman, still lived in the Buckeye state. However, REDBROWARD uncovered new information regarding Jules’ residency.

On January 27, 2015, Edison Jules registered to vote in Broward County as a Democrat. Jules listed the Plantation apartment at 1600 SW 78th Avenue as his mailing address. Jules stated he lived at 11701 NW 29th Street in Sunrise. This Sunrise home is for sale “as-is.”

A real estate website claims the home is full of issues: “Possible Roof Damage, Possible Mold Damage, Possible Roof Leaks. Pool is cracked, needs to be filled or redone. Property being sold As-Is.”

When REDBROWARD visited, no one answered the door but dogs were barking.

A neighbor told REDBROWARD that several people have lived there over the last six months. The neighbor said he believes “A Mayor from Jamaica” lives there.

Edison Jules has never addressed questions about his actual address.

In June, REDBROWARD revealed Edison Jules violated Florida campaign laws. Florida election law prohibits candidates from accepting cash contributions over fifty dollars. Section 106.09(1)(a) states, “A person may not make an aggregate cash contribution…to the same candidate or committee in excess of $50 per election.” According to the law, anyone who accepts more than $50 in cash, “commits a misdemeanor of the first degree.” Accepting more than $5000 is a felony.

According to his May campaign financial report filed with the Broward Supervisor of Elections office, Mystery Broward Sheriff candidate Edison Jules gave his own campaign $500 in cash.

Jules would later amend his campaign report.

Edison Jules has never addressed the source of this $500 campaign contribution.

Earlier this month, it appeared as though Edison Jules was finally ready to speak. He sat down for an hour long interview with the Broward/Palm Beach New Times. Was Jules ready for the New Times to hold his feet to the fire?


“During an hour on a Starbucks patio, the candidate wouldn’t say which community leaders have his back, how fundraising is going, or even the circumstances of this wrongful-termination lawsuit with the force he worked for — the Obetz Police Department in Ohio. (Records indicate that Jules worked there between 2007 and 2010. After losing his job with the agency, he filed a lawsuit alleging racial discrimination and a hostile work environment.)”

Instead of answers, Jules spewed generic campaign attacks against Sheriff Israel.


So why is Jules, who claims to be the only “True Democrat” in the race, seeking the support of fringe activists like David Rosenthal and tea party groups? Why did Jules meet with Rosenthal, a virtual unknown in South Florida politics, four times?

Over the last several months, Rosenthal has been leading several attacks against Sheriff Israel. In October, Rosenthal organized a Columbus Day rally at BSO headquarters protesting the employment of Nezar Hamze as a deputy sheriff. Hamze is the executive director of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations). Records obtained by REDBROWARD show Hamze’s employment process began under Sheriff Al Lamberti.

While most of the speakers at the rally decried CAIR’s ties to radical Islamic leaders or questioned the propriety of Hamze holding both postions simultaneously, Rosenthal was quick to call Deputy Hamze a “terrorist.” When REDBROWARD asked for proof that Hamze was a “terrorist,” Rosenthal refused to answer unless his repsonse was recorded on video. (Rosenthal would later attack REDBROWARD for being an Islamist sympathizer).

Since the protest, Rosenthal has pushed for a recall of Sheriff Israel even though it appears a recall of a Florida Constitutional Officer is not legal.

Now, Rosenthal wants Republicans to help get Edison Jules on the Democrat ballot for Sheriff. He wrote, “I am asking you to support him as well, by helping get petition signatures for him, so that he will not have to pay the $10,000 fee for getting on the ballot. He is a Democrat, but as far as I can tell, we would not find a better candidate in any party for the office of sheriff.”

Rosenthal urges tea party activists and Republicans to contact Jules on Facebook or call “Tom Nadler, one of his close assistants, at Nadlert@ymail.com.”


One REDBROWARD reader emailed Nadler to ask if Lamberti was really supporting Edison Jules. Nadler replied, “It is true I was a captain under Al and he is very involved in our campaign.”

Will Edison Jules address Lamberti’s involvement in his campaign?

David Rosenthal via Facebook

David Rosenthal via Facebook

51 thoughts on “Facebook Plea Exposes Lamberti Role In BSO “Mystery Man” Campaign

  1. Count LF Chodkiewicz Chudzikiewicz

    How can people keep using addresses where they do NOT live to run for office in South Florida? I dont understand why the Courts n State Attorneys dont enforce the State Laws.


  2. David L Rosenthal

    Interesting article, but you failed to include that the caption attached to my photo reads, “Each time I converse with a liberal or a Muslim, I come away feeling like this.” Moreover, if you were not afraid of printing my answer to the question of why Hamze is a terrorist, you should have recorded the statement I was willing to make….after all, you were holding a video camera in your hand when you asked the question, so why were you afraid to use it. Apparently if you had used it, you would not have been free to distort my statement, as you distort so many other things. Red Broward? Is the red for communist, in your case? I say that Hamze is a terrorist because Sharia Law calls for terrorist acts, and I have proof that Hamze refuses to renounce Sharia Law. I challenged Hamze to a public discussion on these issues, but he is afraid to comply. And you are afraid to print the truth. 😉


      1. alida rivero

        You need to get your facts STRAIGHT! We will support Rosenthal and YOU have given us all the more reasons to want HAMZE GONE AS A PUBLIC SERVANT! We don’t want any Sharia Followers nor CAIR members holding any government jobs paid by tax payers. Thank you Mr. Rosenthal we will continue to support you.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Malen Soba-Rosado Ruiz

        You say, “just don’t feel the need to record the rantings and ravings of every fool at protest.”, but you can post incorrect/misleading information about a radical Muslem sheriff that can hurt Americans, and our country. How can you sleep at night?


  3. David L Rosenthal

    It seems that a sniveling coward
    Posts these days here on Red Broward
    Anything to denigrate
    Anyone he comes to hate
    For standing up against the crowd
    Of miscreants to whom he’s bowed
    But he fears to stand in the light
    That would reveal that he’s not right
    And that he fails to them defend
    Who now oppose the evil trend
    That grows in Broward government
    But one day for it he’ll repent


    1. Just Saying

      I just looked up David’s group on Facebook. Out of 1.8 million residents in Broward, David’s group has a whopping 38 members.


  4. David L Rosenthal

    The sheriff is an elected official. Sheriffs around the country have been subjected to recalls. If it were not lawful to conduct a recall in Florida of an elected sheriff, that would be one more cause for outrage, as all elected officials should be subject to recall. That someone’s opinion says that in Florida they are not recallable is not what is written in the law. Is your degree in Yellow Journalism? Are you paid to publish stupidity, or do you do that for fun? Have you know shame? You are even afraid to attach your name to the “article.” What shameful things pass as journalism these days. You should be supporting those who combat corruption in government rather than supporting the corrupt. I am ashamed of you.


  5. David L Rosenthal

    I do appreciate the publicty Red Broward gave me today. We need more people to join the Citizens’ Action Group of South Florida. So when they see what we are trying to accomplish, it should bring in more support. I should send Red Broward a thank you card.


  6. David L Rosenthal

    Since you refused to record my answer, and since I did not give it, how would you be able to know that it was going to be a rant? As far as I can tell, you are the one who is ranting. The answer I gave to that question in my initial comment above was neither a rant nor erroneous, but you ignored it. What kind of journalist are you? Don’t you see that you are giving Red Broward a bad name for unreliability?


  7. David L Rosenthal

    David L Rosenthal

    To Nezar Hamze, russell_diperna@sheriff.org, Forrest Santalucia

    CC bnorman@local10.com, Carmel Cafiero, mputney@local10.com, newsdesk@wsvn.com, newsdesk@wplg.com, and 3 more…

    Today at 9:32 AM

    To the members of the press,

    In the Broadway production and the movie titled Fiddler on the Roof, the rabbi was asked by a townsman, “Rabbi, is there a proper blessing for the czar?” The rabbi responds, “A blessing for the czar? Let’s see…” And then he chants, “May God bless and keep the czar…far away from us.”

    That is more or less how I feel about Muslims. I do not want to harm them. I just do not want them around. They could be saved. God saves many Muslims every year. Then they are no longer Muslims, no longer enslaved to the evil death cult of Islam, and no longer convinced that crime is righteousness.

    Muslims are all about Islam. Islam is all about Sharia Law. Sharia Law is all about classifying as acts of righteousness a series of behaviors codified by American laws as violent felonies. So to have Muslims who refuse to renounce Sharia Law working in law enforcement, teaching school, and running government is simply insane.

    You do not want Sharia-compliant Muslims teaching your children, making your laws, or working as police officers. It goes against common sense, good judgment, and the values of our civilization.

    The people of Broward County need a sheriff with far better judgment than that of Sheriff Scott Israel, who keeps a Sharia-compliant Muslim official of an organization that was founded by terrorist group in his employ as a deputy. Scott Israel says this is not a problem, and that he will not talk about it any more. But it is a major problem.

    The press should be asking him to talk about it.


    David L. Rosenthal

    Citizens’ Action Group of South Florida


  8. Stephanie Kienzle

    I understand your desire to uncover everything you can about candidates for office, as I do the same. What I do not understand is your willingness to absolve Sheriff Scott Israel for his decision to promote Nezar Hamze to the second highest position in the BSO. Hamze is the Executive Director of CAIR Florida. On November 17, 2014, CAIR was designated as a terrorist organization by the United Arab Emirates. CAIR was also the unindicted co-conspirator in the terror trial of the Holy Land Foundation, which funneled money to terrorist organizations, including Hamas and Hezbollah. (http://www.nationalreview.com/article/393614/cair-terror-group-daniel-pipes)

    As a so-called conservative publication, I am surprised that you would bow to political correctness and refer to Mr. Rosenthal as a “fringe” activist, when all he has been trying to do is make our community aware of the dangers of radical Islam. That a high ranking member of an Islamic terrorist organization holds a position of such power in our Sheriff’s office is disturbing to say the very least.

    Whether or not Edison Jules is the right candidate to challenge Sheriff Israel remains to be seen. But the fact remains that if Scott Israel is intent on ignoring the real threat to the public safety that CAIR and other terrorist organization pose, he needs to be voted out of office.


    1. redbroward Post author

      Absolve Sheriff Israel? Simply not true. Perfectly legit to question Lamberti and Israel about hiring process. Also, Hamze does not hold the second highest position in BSO.


      1. David L Rosenthal

        Lamberti did not hire Hamze. I have a copy of Hamze’s application. He was sponsored by Scott Israel. Hamze has ready access to classified and sensitive data and systems having to do with public safety, Homeland Security, and counter-terrorism protocols. He should not be a deputy, not be in law enforcement, as he refuses to renounce Sharia Law, which classifies as acts of righteousness a series of acts codified under American law as violent felonies. Red Broward has become his accomplice by calling this a conspiracy theory.


      2. redbroward Post author

        Hey Dave, Let’s try some “reading comprehension 101.” When did we refer to the Hamze issue as a “conspiracy theory.”


      3. Stephanie Kienzle

        Is a “Deputy Sheriff” not the second highest position under the “Sheriff?” If not, which position is considered second in command?


      4. Stephanie Kienzle

        In other words, you don’t know. We’ll leave it at that. However, I’m curious to know whether or not you believe it’s acceptable for any member of the BSO’s Command Staff to also be a member of a terrorist organization, as is the case with Nezar Hamze. Are you okay with that?


      5. Stephanie Kienzle

        I guess Sheriff Israel hands out “deputy” titles like participation trophies at Little League Award ceremonies. That’s encouraging news from one of the largest sheriff’s organizations in the country.

        In any event, I’m not comfortable with the Executive Director of a terrorist organization as a certified law enforcement officer in my hometown police department. Are you?


      6. Stephanie Kienzle

        As a rule, I do not support Democrats, especially in partisan races. In non-partisan races, such as local governments, I have voted for people who happen to be Democrats, but only if I agree with their positions on local issues. As I understand it, the position of Sheriff in Broward County is a non-partisan role, and I might necessarily have to vote for a Democrat if no Republicans are in the running. (I did the same when I lived in Miami-Dade County and voted for Katherine Fernandez Rundle’s opponent, but only because she’s the county’s #1 corruptocrat!) I know absolutely nothing about Edison Jules other than what I have read by Mr. Rosenthal’s posts on Facebook and this column. I have not decided whether to support him or not, although what you wrote is absolutely compelling. I do, however, know that I will NOT support Scott Israel unless and until he realizes that anyone associated with a terrorist organization, such as CAIR, is not suitable to wear the badge in an American law enforcement agency. Of that I am adamant.


      7. Stephanie Kienzle

        Thank you for letting me know. I was not aware of that! I have only been a resident of Broward County for slightly over a year, and I’m not completely familiar with its politics. I usually cover politics in northeast Miami-Dade County (i.e., North Miami, North Miami Beach, and now – unfortunately – Opa-locka), which are all non-partisan races.

        I do intend, however, to become more active as a voter in my new hometown, and officially endorse candidates whom I feel are worthy. So far, Scott Israel is not in the running.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. David L Rosenthal

      Everyone who conveys a message to others is manipulating them, in the opinion of Red Broward, if the person sending the message disagrees with Red Broward. Why should Edison Jules not try to get support from Republicans? Edison happens to oppose the Islamization of Broward, as do Republicans. It makes sense for the Republicans to support a candidate who takes public safety seriously, unlike Scott Israel, who hires enemies of America for positions from which they can harm Americans. It makes no sense to support Scott Israel.


      1. David L Rosenthal

        I am not Jules’ representative and you are not a journalist. If I were Jules, I wouldn’t give you the time of day, since you have clearly demonstrated a lack of regard for journalistic or any other kind of integrity.


  9. David L Rosenthal


    Get on a war footing. They want to fight dirty, but we do not have to. We support the right. We can fight clean and put them to shame.

    But it is time to get on a war footing. It is time to take to the streets and cause a ruckus in the halls of injustice, in the courts, in the meetings of the school board and the county commission, in the pages of the editors, in their faces.

    It is time to stand up and say, NO! You are wrong! We will not let you place Sharia-compliant radicals in positions of power in the government, in the schools, or in law enforcement!

    Red Broward calls this a conspiracy theory. Nezar Hamze is an official of CAIR, which was founded by Hamas. Is that a theory?

    His associate is in the school board’s employ. Is that a theory?

    Plantation High School distributed materials to students that promotes Islam. Is that a theory?


  10. David L Rosenthal


    A fight is coming to us
    We might try to avoid
    Who do not much like conflict
    That others have employed
    Who only want to live our lives
    Productively in peace
    But it is always a mistake
    The evil to appease

    They tried that tactic in the past
    They tried to avoid war
    With other enemies of peace
    Who passed this way before
    Remember what it got them
    A worldwide conflagration
    That took an effort to defeat
    From the entire nation

    The fascists raised their ugly heads
    And blood ran everywhere
    New fascists have appeared today
    Some calling themselves CAIR
    So we can choose to bury
    Our heads in the sand
    But that won’t change the simple fact
    They want to own this land

    If we do not oppose them
    They could well get their way
    As every time we turn around
    They advance every day
    They are in law enforcement
    And now they’re in the schools
    Promoting Islam to the kids
    While we just stare like fools

    It’s time to stand to raise our voices
    To oppose this crime
    Otherwise the saddest choices
    Will prevail in time
    As where Muslims are powerful
    Society declines
    Because Islamic principle
    All good things undermines

    So now the time has come to make
    Decisions on the war
    That uninvited by us
    Has been brought right to our door
    And my advice is that
    We never should capitulate
    But strongly oppose Islam now
    Before it is too late


  11. David L Rosenthal

    The promotion of Sharia Law is the propagation of criminal culture. How dare anyone promote Islam in schools, in prison, or in government. Islam is all about Sharia Law, and Sharia Law promotes criminality, violent crimes, atrocities, and abuses of all kinds. To promote this in schools is child abuse, corruption of the morals of minors, violation of the Establishment Clause, and simply degenerate. It is a violation of the oath of office of any official or public employee to promote or permit the promotion of criminality among children, or anywhere else. There are numerous legal ways of dealing with this plague on society. But it must be done now, before the root goes too deep.


  12. Ted Marchibroda

    I agree with David Rosenthal. He was right about daylight savings time, the Free Masons, the plot to make ice cream containers smaller and the diabolical plans to publicize his “tiny package” I trust David Rosenthal


    1. David L Rosenthal

      How about the statement of Brenda Snipes that on Election Day, she will allow voters to cast a vote who CANNOT IDENTIFY THEMSELVES. On which street corner would you like to meet me to debate the facts in public?


    2. David L Rosenthal

      Brenda Snipes stated recently at a public meeting that voters who cannot identify themselves at the precincts will be allowed to vote anyway. This is unacceptable.

      After a series of scandals over the last several years, involving inefficiency, possible malfeasance, and allowing the dead to vote, Brenda Snipes now asks us to trust her ability to monitor the unidentified, who could vote in know one can tell how many precincts, counties, or states. NO!



  13. David L Rosenthal


    Brenda Snipes stated recently at a public meeting that voters who cannot identify themselves at the precincts will be allowed to vote anyway. This is unacceptable.

    After a series of scandals over the last several years, involving inefficiency, possible malfeasance, and allowing the dead to vote, Brenda Snipes now asks us to trust her ability to monitor the unidentified, who could vote in know one can tell how many precincts, counties, or states. NO!


    Fred Bellis is the contact person for supervisor of elections operations:

    Phone: 954-712-1953 opsupport@browardsoe.org

    Also call: 954-357-7050

    Brenda Snipes, Supervisor of Elections
    115 South Andrews Avenue, Room 102
    Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

    We need to stop this insanity from being implemented.


  14. David L Rosenthal


    Supervisor of Elections Brenda Snipes wants to let unidentified people to vote, as many times as they like, apparently, since they can go from precinct to precinct, voting without showing identification.

    Ghazala Salam, who is on the Broward School Board, the commission, and the League of Women Voters, is Community and Government Relations Director for the Florida chapter of CAIR. She says that Hezbollah is definitely not a terrorist group. This is what we have involved in the education/indoctrination of children in Broward Schools.

    Broward Sheriff Scott Israel hires terrorists to work as deputies.

    Nezar Hamze, a senior official of CAIR is a deputy in the BSO.

    Commissioner Tim Ryan thinks the commission of Broward has no say in how public safety is addressed in the county.

    Alona DiPaolo, principal of Plantation High School allowed material to be distributed to students in November, 2015, that promotes Islam in the school.

    So are you going to buy a burqa or are you going to fight back?


      1. Editor Post author

        The Sheriff, Clerk of Courts, Supervisor of Elections & Property Appraiser are Constitutional Officers. County Commissioners don’t get to tell them what to do


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