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Only In Broward: Teachers Edition

What a week for Broward teachers. First, Pat Santeramo spends a few days in jail for looting the BTU coffers and making illegal campaign contributions. Then, John Tarka (D-Dont shake my hand) says Pat’s cohorts in crime will keep their BTU leadership positions.

But they’ve saved the worst for last. Our schoolhouse mole says the BTU IS GOING TO RAISE THE AMOUNT OF DUES EACH TEACHER PAYS.

The good news? There will be a big back-to-school BBQ at Pat’s waterfront mansion in August. Food and drinks not included.

And they say Republicans hate teachers…

Only in Broward.

Is Pat Santeramo Ready For His Close Up?

Thanks to Union Dental, Pat Santeramo always says cheese. But will he help catch the rats in Broward county? Stay tuned…