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“Teacher OF The Year” Robert Sutton Talks To Media About Pat Santeramo Arrest

Robert “Bob” Sutton, a former Broward high school “Teacher Of The Year” and current County Commission candidate, spoke to the south Florida media regarding the arrest of former Broward Teachers Union president Pat Santeramo. The media swarmed Sutton following Broward Sheriff Al Lamberti’s press conference at BSO headquarters. Sutton addressed several tough questions to BTU administrator John Tarka who participated in the press conference. Sutton made it clear to Tarka that teachers and union stewards were uncomfortable knowing several BTU officials charged in the investigation were still in powerful positions.

Robert Sutton will face Stacy Ritter (D-Booby Trap) in the November election for Broward County Commission District 3.

Is Pat Santeramo Ready For His Close Up?

Thanks to Union Dental, Pat Santeramo always says cheese. But will he help catch the rats in Broward county? Stay tuned…