Blue Monday For The Broward Blues

The gang of Democrats known as the “Broward Blues” are singing the blues this Monday as their chosen one, Cynthia Busch was crushed by Mitch Caesar in the race to lead Broward Dems.

Caesar, a little known comedian, has beaten the Blues gang twice this year. On Sunday Caesar had 340 votes to Busch’s 242.

Busch was elected vice chair of the party which means she’s gets 5 minutes to speak while no one listens at the monthly meetings. Barbara Miller spent all that cash for control of vice chair?

Perhaps Busch’s fatal error was enlisting the help of “The Chairmen”. Kidding! More on them real soon.


Does Tamarac Vice Mayor Diane Glasser Know?!?!


Elgin Jones of the South Florida Times is reporting Percy Johnson, former Broward Democrat Party treasurer, is facing arrest for misuse of funds. Johnson is a close confidant of Tamarac vice mayor Diane Glasser. Could someone be putting political pressure on Glasser?

According to Jones:

“The Broward State Attorney’s Office said the investigation is ongoing and no warrant has been issued for Johnson’s arrest.

Nonetheless, Johnson reportedly has been telling friends and acquaintances that he would surrender this week. That has now been delayed and the reasons are unknown.

Johnson is being accused of writing several checks to himself from the organization’s bank account.

His attorney, McCray, said, ‘He is being charged, but he wans’t sure what the charges are.’

Copies of those checks obtained by South Florida Times shows that Johnson wrote a check to a relative, and more than $2,100 worth of checks to himself. He is also accused of making cash withdrawals and failing to deposit an unspecified amount of cash recieved into the council’s bank account.

Members of the organization’s board had been in talks with Johnson to reach a resolution. Those discussions reportedly broke down, prompting Johnson to hire McCray to represent him in the case. Some members of the organization then filed a complaint with Fort Lauderdale Police, who opened the criminal investigation.”



(photos via Facebook page of Percy Johnson)