Lobbyists And Specials Interests Fund Ilene Lieberman Judicial Campaign

Lobbyists and companies with business before the Broward County Commission have poured thousands of dollars into Ilene Lieberman’s campaign for county judge. Many say Lieberman,currently a Broward County Commissioner, is a professional politician and a novice attorney. Her opponent, Katherine “Katie” McHugh is an experienced trial lawyer. Lieberman touts her experience with the political process […]

Ilene Lieberman Is CATWOMAN!!!

Over at the South Florida Sun-Sentinel, Brittany Wallman just posted a story about Ilene Lieberman (D-Mango) and her six cats. What are they names? Get ready: Duke Ellington Michelson, Ella Fitzgerald Michelson, Jackie Wilson Michelson, Ringo Starr Michelson, Jimmy Dorsey Michelson, Jessica Michelson. It gets better. Apparently, Ilene has a room dedicated to her cats, […]