Marlon Bolton Hides Behind Fake News Website and British “Reporter” To Launch Attacks On Tamarac Mayor & Fellow Commissioners

Marlon Bolton LOVES The Tamarac Post

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton (D-Bully) is attacking his fellow commissioners with the help of a woman in England and his favorite fake news website. In March 2021, REDBROWARD exposed Bolton’s deep ties to the shill website called “The Tamarac Post.” The website is owned and operated by close Bolton ally Anthony Bonamy.

The Tamarac Post repeatedly wrote stories praising Marlon Bolton and his Commission co-hort Elberg Mike Gelin. The City Of North Lauderdale fired Bonamy from his position as deputy clerk after REDBROWARD revealed his role in the website. Bonamy was not unemployed for long; He was hired as an aide to Broward County Commissioner Dale Holness.

Since March, The Tamarac Post resorted to posting City of Tamarac press releases and community news. But the website returned to its pro-Marlon Bolton political coverage on August 26th with the breaking news that Bolton was named a “voting delegate” to the Florida League of Cities conference. Zzzzz.

One day later, news broke that Tamarac City Manager Michael Cernech was arrested on a RICO charge for his involvement in an extortion plot hatched by notorious father/son developers Bruce and Shawn Chait.

The Tamarac Post sprang into action. It’s August 27th story “Tamarac City Manager Arrested On Corruption Charges, Mayor Could Be Removed” was nothing more than Marlon Bolton press release. After sharing details from the Attorney General of Florida’s office, the Tamarac Post reporter wrote she “reached out to Commissioner Marlon Bolton, a Tamarac City Commissioner, for comment.” Bolton tried to play the hero and the victim at the same time. He claimed he warned Mayor Michelle Gomez and fellow commissioners about Cernech.

“Michael Cernech threatened me several times, that if I ever go after him, that he would leak misleading information about me in the media, and he did,” Bolton said, “Day after day, I dealt with negative press, none of which were true, but how could I defend myself against such a wealthy guy? But the Lord has vindicated me” he added.


While Bolton singled out Mayor Gomez and former ally Elvin Villalobos with vague threats of political comeuppance, his ally Gelin was praised for his dislike of Cernech.

Bolton never addressed his name being mentioned in the Cernech arrest affidavit numerous times.

On Tuesday, The Tamarac Post was back with more pro-Bolton propaganda regarding tonight’s emergency meeting of the city commission. The story includes a photograph of Gomez, Villalobos, Debra Placko and Michael Cernech with clown make up. Once again, the story is nothing more than a Marlon Bolton press release.

The story attacks Gomez for calling the emergency meeting for Tuesday, even though Cernech was just arrested on Friday. Once again, The Tamarac Post heaps praise on Bolton and Gelin.

“In an email to residents, Bolton warned that his colleague’s priorities were in the wrong place and that he was disappointed they failed to act swiftly. Commissioner Gelin spoke to his almost 14,000 Instagram followers exposing the City Manager’s arrest. Like Bolton, Gelin said he called for a special meeting for the same day.”

Then, the reporter attacks the integrity deputy city manager Kathleen Gunn. She wrote Gunn would “perpetuate corruption” because she “watched” Cernech do his “job.” The reporter states any elected official who votes for Gunn would also “perpetuate corruption” in Tamarac.

Who is this Tamarac Post reporter with deep inside knowledge of Tamarac politics and access to Commissioner Marlon Bolton?


According to The Tamarac Post, all three stories were written by Maria Colson. These are the first stories she contributed to the shill website. Her Tamarac Post bio gives a vanity website,, which appears to be a dead link. Links to her Facebook and Twitter accounts are also provided.

According to her social media accounts, Maria Colson is a twentysomething woman living in Sidcup, England. According to her LinkedIn page, Colson works for TJ MAXX and a public policy firm. Both jobs are located in England, NOT Tamarac.

According to her Twitter account, Maria Colson is deeply interested in British animal rights causes and climate change initiatives. She makes no mention of Tamarac, or Broward, or Florida or even the U.S.A.

REDBROWARD attempted to contact Maria Colson via her Facebook page. She did not respond to questions.

Did The Tamarac Post outsource its political coverage to jolly old England? Was Maria Colson hired to write these stories?

Or, did The Tamarac Post think nobody would ever check?

Why does Marlon Bolton share such a shady website with his constituents?

Why doesn’t Marlon Bolton speak to local media outlets other than The Tamarac Post?

Is he afraid of tough questions?

Marlon Bolton shared link to The Tamarac Post

3 thoughts on “Marlon Bolton Hides Behind Fake News Website and British “Reporter” To Launch Attacks On Tamarac Mayor & Fellow Commissioners

  1. Steve

    That article and all articles written by “Maria Colson” are in fact written by Bolton. I did a right click on the name at the end of the article and then Inspect. It states the MBolton is the author. When doing a left click on the name it goes to the Maria Colson page and in the search bar it says


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