(VIDEO) Tamarac Commissioner Runs When Asked About “The Bolton Card”

Marlon Bolton runs from questions

Tamarac Commissioner Marlon Bolton enlisted the help of a Broward Sheriff’s Deputy to help avoid answering questions about his name appearing in the arrest affidavit of former city manager Michael Cernech. Bolton was leaving the dais at the conclusion of an emergency city commission where Cernech was terminated with cause. On Sunday, REDBROWARD reported on a affidavit by an FDLE special agent which detailed text messages between Cernech and his co-conspirators in an extortion plot.

The text messages between Cernech and Bruce and Shawn Chait discussed using “The Bolton Card” to convince a developer to pay $3.4 million dollars to the Chaits. They also discussed a letter sent to Bolton as well as telephone calls.

Bolton refused to answer questions about the issue even after it was brought up several times during the emergency meeting.

Guess Bolton prefers to hide behind phony websites….

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