Marlon Bolton Mocks Eating Disorders In Fat-Shaming Christmas Carol

Marlon Bolton Sings?

No Christian holiday appears safe from Pastor Marlon Bolton. Last week, REDBROWARD shared video of Bolton, a Tamarac Commissioner, scolding Mayor Michelle Gomez for saying Easter Sunday usually falls on a Sunday. A snarky Bolton told Gomez “nice try” while insisting Easter Sunday does not fall on Sunday.

Now, REDBROWARD uncovered video of the Praise Experience Worldwide Outreach pastor fat-shaming women in a vulgar version of a beloved Christmas carol. The video appears on an old Facebook post from December 2009.

In the Christmas carol, Bolton features photographs of female models as well as a plus sized singer. Bolton added new lyrics to the holiday classic, “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.”

Bolton’s lyrics have nothing to do with Christmas. Instead, the lyrics mock serious eating disorders

Bolton sings:

Starve yourself, this very next Christmas.

Let your weight be light,

From now on your dress size, will be smaller than mine…

Ohhh yeah…

Starve yourself, and have a thinner, little Christmas time.

Bolton finishes by thanking “Kate and the courgarmans.”

Another video features Bolton video recording a topless male model. Bolton does not mock the male model.

Why is Marlon Bolton bullying women with eating disorders?

And since Bolton brought it up, what is his dress size?

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