The Daughter Of Pembroke Pines Commissioner Filed Brenda Forman Ethics Complaint

On August 2, 2017 the State of Florida Commission on Ethics dismissed a complaint filed against Broward County Clerk of the Courts Brenda D. Forman. The complaint alleged Forman violated the law during a foreclosure proceeding against her in Broward County court. The Commission ruled the complaint failed to “indicate a possible violation of…Florida Statutes” by […]

Rupert Tarsey Says Fellow BREC Member is “F***ing Crazy”

Does Rupert Tarsey like any of his fellow Broward Republicans?  Yesterday, BREC member Daniel Diaz exposed Tarsey’s dislike of former BREC secretary Dolly Rump. This shocking revelation comes as many insiders believe Rump, a former Broward Trump campaign operative, has been supportive of Tarsey’s bid to remove Sutton. According to Diaz: In the course of […]

Broward Republican Party Secretary Rupert Tarsey Claims Claw Hammer Attack On Female Student Was “Self-Defense”

CHAPTER ONE: THE CRIME In a stunning email to members of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC), party secretary Rupert Tarsey claims he faced attempted first degree murder charges after he beat a female classmate forty times with a claw hammer in “self-defense.” According to court records and published reports from 2007, Tarsey was charged […]