Broward Republican Party Official Tells Court He Created Anonymous Website Attacking Former Broward School Board Member

Jeff Brown, left, celebrating with Richard DeNapoli

In documents filed last week in Broward County Circuit Court, an official with Broward Republican Party admitted to creating an anonymous website attacking a former School Board Member. On January 14, 2019 Jeff Brown admitted to creating the website. Tynan, a former Broward School Board Member is also the former Chairman of the Broward Republican Executive Committee (BREC). Last month, Jeff Brown was elected treasurer of BREC.

According to a lawsuit filed by Tynan, the website contained “defamatory statements” meant to “tortuously interfere” with Tynan’s business relationships. Tynan is highly-respected local attorney.

In November, REDBROWARD reported Jeff Brown as well as companies owned by Brown (Top Of Google and Inspiration Museum) and tech giants Google and Go Daddy were subpoenaed by Tynan.

Even though Judge Sandra Perlman ordered the site closed, the operator has repeatedly published the website.

As part of the lawsuit, Tynan presented Brown with a set of interrogatories.

Jeff Brown admitted he registered the domain name.

Jeff Brown admitted he paid the fees to register the domain name.

Jeff Brown admitted to drafting the content referenced on

Jeff Brown admitted to uploading content onto the website.

In December, Brown ran for the BREC treasurer position as part of a “BREC slate” which included Chairman George Moraitis and former Coral Springs City Commissioner Tom Powers. Also, Brown is paid to operate the party’s official website.

When asked for comment on these new revelations, BREC Chairman George Moraitis told REDBROWARD, “I have discussed this issue with Jeff and told him I do not want the members of our board to be involved with anonymous emails.

Jeff Brown did not respond to an e-mail requesting comment.

With such a stunning admission made to the court by a person in control of the Party bank account, website and sensitive data, should BREC members have been told?

Former BREC Chair: Any Claim By Rupert Tarsey That His Actions Were In Self-Defense Are False

On Monday, Kevin Tynan, a former Chairman sent the following email to Broward Republicans. Tynan, an attorney, served as a Broward County School Board Member. Tynan is widely-respected by the Florida Bar for his fairness, reasoned arguments and legal acumen. He has been a legal advisor to many BREC Chairs, including Robert Sutton.

Tynan has played a significant role investigating the criminal history of BREC Secretary Rupert Tarsey. Last month, Tarsey made international headlines when news broke of his 2007 arrest on attempted first degree murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon charges.

“Dear friend and fellow BREC member:

We are at a significant cross road in the political viability of our local party. There are elements within our local party that have undermined our existing chairman at every opportunity in order to seize control of the party for their own self-aggrandizement and personal political gain. I have been in the background of attempts to resolve this disharmony but in the last two months things have arisen to a crescendo of conflicting claims, motions and grievances filed with the Republican Party of Florida, with the only goal of the malcontents to overturn the election of Bob Sutton as Chairman and eventually, our Vice Chairman, Celeste Ellich.

There is a cancer in our local party that began several years ago. In my view, as well as many others, the root of this cancer is our state committeeman, who has been joined in this malicious endeavor by our current, Secretary Rupert Tarsey. Both of these individuals have no scruples, have intimidated and threatened anyone that stands in their way and this intimidation will continue until they are drummed out of the party.

Much has been written about Rupert Tarsey’s hidden criminal past. I have read all of the available documentation and can state without any hesitation that this is a person that I do not care to associate with and I believe you will agree. When he was a few months short of his 18th birthday, Tarsey, in a premeditated fashion and without provocation, took a hammer and beat a female classmate with a hammer 48 times; striking her on her head, body and legs. The blows to her head could have killed her and the blows to her legs put her in a wheelchair for a time. From recent news stories, I understand that she still walks with a limp and carries emotional scars from this heinous event. Tarsey was initially charged with attempted homicide and two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. His wealthy family hired multiple lawyers, got Tarsey to seek significant mental health treatment (he was in a guardianship proceeding from shortly after the event through the time frame just before his election as Secretary) and his lawyers were able to get the charges reduced to one count of assault with a deadly weapon. Tarsey plead to this crime which at the time of sentencing and conviction was a felony. He served six years of felony probation. Pursuant to California law (this would never happen in Florida) he was able to get his conviction reduced to a misdemeanor once he completed probation. There is clear documentation to support all of the foregoing. This is a serious matter and any claim by Tarsey that his actions were in self-defense, are false.

When Chairman Sutton was first informed of these events he took safe and prudent action after consultation with several lawyers, myself included. We did not have the paperwork, finally given to us, by Tarsey’s lawyer; weeks after this matter blew up. We have never seen the orders from the guardianship to ensure that at the time that Tarsey registered to vote in 2016 that he had not lost that right in a guardianship. Chairman Sutton did the best he could under very difficult and unique circumstances to protect the membership and our reputation. If you have read any of the news articles about Tarsey and our affiliation with him it is evident that he is an embarrassment and a liability. This issue will be addressed at the first opportunity and is already the subject of a grievance filed by Chairman Sutton with RPOF. Additionally, the conduct of the co-conspirators of this purposeful campaign of discontent will also be addressed.

My goal in providing this information was to set the record straight on the rumors about Tarsey’s criminal background and hopefully to disabuse you of the notion that he can be trusted. His number one champion is our state committeeman, who likewise has a history of actions that put Machiavelli to shame. Interestingly, the latest motion to remove Chairman Sutton was filed by a brand new member of the committee (sworn in at the last meeting) who has lived in Broward County for a year and a half. His issues are outside of his own personal knowledge and he is being used as a pawn by Tarsey and our state committeeman (just like they used Joe Kaufman and others). Several of the people who were tricked into signing the petition to remove Bob Sutton have withdrawn their support of Tarsey’s plan of removal.

Business takes me to Tampa on Tuesday for four days and I will not be in attendance on Wednesday night to voice my opinions in person. I urge you to attend the meeting this Monday and vote to keep Bob Sutton as chairman.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart. As a former chairman of the party, my disgust for what has occurred is significant and there must be a remedy to correct this divisiveness – it starts with keeping Bob Sutton as Chairman.

Kevin Tynan”

Blue Monday For The Broward Blues

The gang of Democrats known as the “Broward Blues” are singing the blues this Monday as their chosen one, Cynthia Busch was crushed by Mitch Caesar in the race to lead Broward Dems.

Caesar, a little known comedian, has beaten the Blues gang twice this year. On Sunday Caesar had 340 votes to Busch’s 242.

Busch was elected vice chair of the party which means she’s gets 5 minutes to speak while no one listens at the monthly meetings. Barbara Miller spent all that cash for control of vice chair?

Perhaps Busch’s fatal error was enlisting the help of “The Chairmen”. Kidding! More on them real soon.