Broward Republican Party Official Tells Court He Created Anonymous Website Attacking Former Broward School Board Member

In documents filed last week in Broward County Circuit Court, an official with Broward Republican Party admitted to creating an anonymous website attacking a former School Board Member. On January 14, 2019 Jeff Brown admitted to creating the website. Tynan, a former Broward School Board Member is also the former Chairman of the Broward […]

Former BREC Chair: Any Claim By Rupert Tarsey That His Actions Were In Self-Defense Are False

On Monday, Kevin Tynan, a former Chairman sent the following email to Broward Republicans. Tynan, an attorney, served as a Broward County School Board Member. Tynan is widely-respected by the Florida Bar for his fairness, reasoned arguments and legal acumen. He has been a legal advisor to many BREC Chairs, including Robert Sutton. Tynan has […]

Blue Monday For The Broward Blues The gang of Democrats known as the “Broward Blues” are singing the blues this Monday as their chosen one, Cynthia Busch was crushed by Mitch Caesar in the race to lead Broward Dems. Caesar, a little known comedian, has beaten the Blues gang twice this year. On Sunday Caesar had 340 votes to Busch’s […]