Petrocelli’s Questionable Move Embarrasses Local GOP Leaders

Broward GOP Chairman Rico Petrocelli’s attempt to place a non-BREC member on an important congressional district committee embarrassed local GOP leaders including the co-chair of the Republican National Committee. The move came at last weekend’s Republican Party Of Florida meetings in Orlando. Petrocelli, members of the new BREC board, State Committeeman Ryan Anderson and RNC […]

Broward Democrats Keep On Smiling

Broward Democrats don’t care. They’re running all over town with smiles on their faces. They’re holding fancy fundraisers at powerful law firms. They’re still collecting $500 checks from well-connected benefactors. They’re planning on filling more positions with family members of important lobbyist firms. They’re planning and plotting to manipulate their unmotivated base no matter the […]

Still Think “Occupy Wall Street” Is a Grass-Roots Movement?

The media wants you to believe the “Occupy Wall Street” demonstrations are grass-roots events organized by angry moms, dads, kids, and grandparents. Bunk! We showed you the Democrats and Union officials involved in the Occupy Fort Lauderdale marches. Here is an email from highlighting its role in the “Occupation”: “Dear MoveOn member, Have you […]