Democrat Activists “Pink Slip” Congressman Allen West

The progressives have “pink slipped” Governor Rick Scott. Broward Democrats tried to “pink slip” Governor Mitt Romney at a Pompano Beach rally. Now, the radical leftist group CREDO PAC, has “pink slipped” Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation). WPBF reports the incident occurred at the Volen Senior Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Toni Rosenberg, a Palm Beach […]

Broward Democrats Keep On Smiling

Broward Democrats don’t care. They’re running all over town with smiles on their faces. They’re holding fancy fundraisers at powerful law firms. They’re still collecting $500 checks from well-connected benefactors. They’re planning on filling more positions with family members of important lobbyist firms. They’re planning and plotting to manipulate their unmotivated base no matter the […]

Broward Democrats Protest Underway In Plantation

The progressive “Three Stooges” protest is underway in Plantation (corner of University Drive and Sunrise Blvd). This morning’s Move On rally was a total bust; No one showed up. Some early arrivals include Broward Democrat Party Chairman Mitch Ceasar and Broward Sheriff candidate Louis Granteed.