Democrat Activists “Pink Slip” Congressman Allen West


The progressives have “pink slipped” Governor Rick Scott. Broward Democrats tried to “pink slip” Governor Mitt Romney at a Pompano Beach rally. Now, the radical leftist group CREDO PAC, has “pink slipped” Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation).

WPBF reports the incident occurred at the Volen Senior Center in Boca Raton, Florida. Toni Rosenberg, a Palm Beach Democrat activist, interrupted the West town hall meeting. Rosenberg was removed by police.

Democrat activists are using social media to congratulate CREDO PAC and its leader Justin Synder. The organization is desperate to create bad media for Congressman West, who is always followed by paid media trackers. For more on CREDO PAC, please read our previous report.

3 thoughts on “Democrat Activists “Pink Slip” Congressman Allen West

  1. Debbie Frazier

    Wow, thanks for using my facebook information. Please feel free to follow me anytime,,,next time you can use the picture of President Obama kissing me……that I use for my facebook picture. By the way, it is Debbie Frazier. You will see me around, unless you are protecting me so I can be anonymous. No need for that. Congressman West knows who we are. Please get two sides of a story before you post. I understand if you are paid and can’t though. I will be happy to fill in the blanks for everyone. Thanks for the PR…btw, we are volunteers. Did you post the video of where we pink slipped Allen West? Thats on my facebook page too. Feel free to watch. See you next time.


  2. Toni Rosenberg

    Got the place right, got my name right, but I was NEVER removed from Mae Volen.. Get your facts correct..



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