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Pawlenty Jumps Into Presidential Race With Near-Perfect YouTube Video

Governor Tim Pawlenty will make the official announcement tomorrow, but his campaign released this YouTube ad to kick off his 2012 Presidential campaign. Kudos to his team; This is a near-perfect piece.


Attacks on Allen West Fizzle? Did Media Snoop On The Wrong Kid’s Facebook Page?

Uh-Oh. Did the media snoop on the wrong Facebook page? Developing…

Should media stick to Friendster?

Nothing Off Limits: Attacks on Allen West’s Daughter For Facebook Use

Congressman Allen West

It seems nothing is sacred when it comes to attacking Congressman Allen West. The Broward/Palm New Times  posted an entry about the Facebook page of Allen West’s daughter. In a recent newsletter, West mentioned his daughter’s upcoming high school graduation; It appears that is enough to set the media upon your kids.

All the corrupt family ties in Broward county and they attack West’s daughter? Should we start naming names? What about all the non-political stories we hear? Should we run them just because we do not like mommy or daddy’s political views?