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Broward Mayor Martin Kiar Talks About His Hurricane Matthew Preparations

With Broward under a hurricane watch, Mayor Martin Kiar tells REDBROWARD how his family is preparing for the storm.

DIRTY TRICK? Broward Democrats Thwart Public Input On Commission Redistricting

Dancing to the same ol' Broward Democrat beat

Coincidences don’t happen in Broward County. We mentioned Broward County Commission Agenda Item 48 in an earler story; The item deals with the Commission redistricting maps. Commissioners Chip LaMarca and Dale Holness summoned supporters to the meeting. The powers-that-be must have caught wind. They don’t like hearing from the public, ever.

The item, which was set to be heard at 1:30pm, was dealt with at 10:00am. Yep, out-of-order. No one in the room except the Commissioners dirty tricksters staff and probably Judy Stern.

But never fear. You (might) have another chance to be heard on this issue when it comes up again on February 14th at 1:30pm.

In honor of Valentine’s Day you can wear red and bring chocolates and flowers for Judy Stern,, Kristin Jacobs, Stacy Ritter and Jon Rodstrom. (Ilene Lieberman prefers mangoes)

Only in Broward

Broward Democrat Kristin Jacobs and The Broward County Commission Think “Fair” Districts Are A Joke

The joke's on us.

Broward County Commissioner Kristin Jacobs told a real knee-slapper at the May 3, 2011 Broward County Commission meeting. The commission was discussing the redistricting process when Commissioner Sue Gunzburger asked Jacobs to provide the “best definition of the word ‘fair'”. Well, in the best tradition of Shecky Greene, Jacobs said this,

“My dad always said that fair is a place where fat men in overalls take their pigs. You have to think about that one for a minute, huh?”

No Kristin. It’s perfectly clear. Democrats on the commission were using their donkey-signal to shine bright in the Lauderdale skies: REDISTRICTING HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING FAIR. ALL OUR RHETORIC ABOUT ‘FAIR DISTRICTS’ IS TOTAL B.S.

Unfortunately, Commissioner Chip LaMarca, the only Republican on the Commission. bought into the “fair districts” rhetortic.

Even though the new “Fair Districts” amendments did not apply to Broward Commission redistricting, LaMarca hoped the commission would follow their spirit–no redistricting to favor an incumbent or candidate, follow natural boundaries where possible etc.

Sadly, there was never any chance of “fair” districts in Broward. Commissioners used maps submitted by Democrat consultants, Democrat staffers,  and Democrat dirty tricksters. The map finally adopted by the commission was a last minute deal drawn up by commissioners at a commission meeting. The public didn’t have a chance to review it.

As RED BROWARD reported, a District was gerrymandered to include Martin Kiar’s home in Ilene Lieberman’s district just hours after Kiar met Lieberman to discuss “redistricting”. Is that “fair”?

Today you have a chance to be heard. The commission will discuss this map at 1:30pm. It is Agenda item 48. Don’t rely on hope as Commissioner LaMarca did back in May; Show up and tell them Broward County is tired of these DEMOCRAT backroom deals. Fair is Fair.

Wear your overalls and say hi to Kristin Jacobs.

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