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Ron Paul Supporters Challenging Broward GOP’s Sharon Day And Ed Kennedy

Broward Republican State Committeeman Ed Kennedy and RNC co-chair Sharon Day are being challenged by two local Ron Paul supporters. Broward Supervisor of Elections states Corrine DiPasquale has qualified to face Ms. Day. Mr. Kennedy will face off against Ryan Anderson.

Kennedy and Day, both longtime Broward activists, are very popular among Broward Republicans.

We’re pretty sure Ed Kennedy NEVER took part in any “Broward4Obama” meetups like Mr. Anderson. Anderson states he’s “disappointed ” because Obama “turned out to be just as bad as George Bush.” A winning slogan to be sure…


Broward GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli Discusses Presidential Campaigns, Redistricting and Congressman Allen West

RED BROWARD caught up with BROWARD GOP Chairman Richard DeNapoli at Sunday’s Santorum rally in Coral Springs. He discusses Broward’s role in the Presidential campaigns as well as the redistricting plans affecting Congressman Allen West (R-Plantation).

Don’t forget tonight’s Broward GOP at 7pm Sheraton Suites on Cypress Creek Road. US Senate candidate Craig Miller will be the guest speaker.